We've all seen the Seinfeld Episode about the Soup Nazi...
This past Friday morning, I was in Southampton with my friend Nancy, and as usual
we made our way into town to eat at our favourite breakfast restaurant,
The Lighthouse Restaurant.

It wasn't too busy when we arrived, but we were early....salivating no less
because we were getting Eggs Benedict!  Yum!
We've been going there for the last 15 years.  I've blogged about my wonderful experiences at this restaurant HERE where I rave about my
Macedonian Omelette.
This is what I usually order when I visit....I can't get past the deliciousness of it!
However, on this day (Friday) we decided to do the Eggs Benny.
We ordered and sat back to await the arrival of our mecca.
When it came, we cut into our eggs and the yolks were hard.
Not a huge deal, but....that's not how Eggs Benedict are supposed to be.
You're supposed to be able to swirl your yolks around in the yummy
hollandaise sauce and enjoy the burst of flavours that bring joy to your palate!
Am I right?  Am I wrong?
Well, Nancy asked the waitress, very nicely, if she could please make us two
new eggs each because the yolks were cooked too much.
At $9.50 a plate, I don't feel that was asking for something unattainable?
I told the waitress, very sweetly, that we were fine with the rest of the food on
our plates...not to make new plates or anything....and we thanked her very much
and proceeded to wait for our "perfect" eggs.
Nancy looked over to the opening to the kitchen and saw the cook scowling at
the waitress and waving his hands in an "off with you" gesture.
The waitress walked up to our table and said "Ladies, I've been told to ask you to leave."
Nancy thought she was joking and asked her if she was,
and she said "No, you have to go...now."
I said, "You've got to be kidding....we've been coming here for 15 years."
She just shook her head.
So, we left.
In shock.
We couldn't believe it! 
Can you?
We're both 50yr old, middle class women...we weren't drunk and disorderly
and we were not rude AT ALL.
We're still shaking our heads....as is everyone we told.
We're hoping the owners, who weren't there, are as shocked and appalled as we were.
Frankly, it was extremely embarassing and thank god we were at the closest booth
to the door, or there may have been a scene, had more people realized what was
happening because we would have informed them about the cooks behaviour!
Have you ever been kicked out of a restaurant for sending your food back to be fixed?
I'd love to know.
I'm not leaving it at just blogging about it....I want an apology.
I seriously will be taking it further very soon.
That cook has ruined our favourite breakfast spot for both Nancy & I and we're
so disappointed because it was always a happy place for us.
Just like the photo of the Soup Nazi at the top of this page, the Egg Nazi of
Southampton feels the Customer is always wrong.
"No Eggs for You!"

.....came in the form of a post from
Heather & Vanessa
At The Picket Fence

They did a blog today titled
Big News For Google Friend Connect Users

and as far as I'm concerned...they are my HEROES! 
Yay!  Woot!  Woot!

Please go read their solution if you haven't already.
They, along with some other bloggers, contacted Brent Riggs, the creator of Linky Tools
and came up with this....

See the Follow Me in my side bar?
If you follow me on Google Friends Connect,
I'd love for you to please follow me through this new venue
before March 1, 2012 please!

You can also add this tool to your own sidebar by clicking on
"Get your own Linky Followers" under my widget.

Now, I don't have to change over to Blogger because apparently they are going to phase it out completely even for Blogger bloggers.  Google apparently wants everyone to start using the Google +...and you heard my rant about that.

I'm a happy girl now!
Thanks Vanessa & Heather

Blog Rant

I've really been having quite a problem recently with this whole
Google Friends Connect going defunct for users other than
Blogger bloggers as of March 1, 2012.
I am a Weebly blogger...they are my host...never heard of them...why, I'm shocked?

I know it's not an accurate measurement of your members, because you
can't know the privacy protected members on the RSS feed.
I know it's truly not a reflection of how good your blog is or isn't.
I get that the page views are so much more important than that little box
with the friend counter in it, but lets face it, it's an indication of how well a blog is doing or not doing, isn't it?  When you visit someone's blog who has GFC and you see 900 members and they've only been blogging as long as you and you have 100...you are so impressed right?  Then you start perusing their blog and realize how great it is!  Whereas, you might just pass that blog by unless there was something wondrous on it right?  Seriously....right?
We strive to have all the members someone like Graphics Fairy has...am I right?
Unfortunately, it's become a gauge for bloggers of all types.

My problem is...if I lose this box, will I lose all my members who have subscribed to
my site via GFC?  Will my blog just disappear from their Google Reader or whatever other
venue they subscribed with when my GFC box disappears.  Do I have to start over finding followers again?  Or will they be supportive still?

Primarily, I liked being able to use GFC to contact new people who joined my site
that didn't make a comment, or don't have a blog.
Of course, I just realized that I have to join my own blog (which I thought was rather egotistical) until I found I can't contact them unless I'm a member of my own blog.  When I joined my own site, a message came up stating that as of March 1, GFC would be taken off my blog.

I had some help from Cathy over at My 1929 Charmer (who is a lovely, caring person by the way) and she advised me to sign up for a Blogger blog (which I did), but don't use it...like don't take it to the point of creating an actual blog, but just sign up for it.  I thought I was safe then.  And, it was actually kinda great because I found I could comment on other blogs that I couldn't before without the "Name/Url" option with this Google Account.  But, that is not the account I signed up my GFC with, and therein lies the problem I believe.  I'm still trying to figure out how to switch my GFC over to the account I just added with the link to my website here. 
And you think you're confused reading this?  Really?

Cathy also encouraged me to add Networked Blogs to my account and request people to join that if they are already on my GFC.  That's not going so great, because my friend Maureen tried to join it a couple days ago and she's still not showing up on it.  That's not the 1-2 hours Networked Blogs stated it would take for a friend to show up.....so.....
another glitch...whether it's Weebly or me or Networked Blogs....I'm exhausted trying to sort all this stuff out....I'm getting old you know....almost 50!

I didn't start this blog to be a techno wizard and I'm blown away by the technology required to write a blog.  I'm also extremely frustrated with Google.  I have joined
Google +, only to find I'm not quite sure how to use it properly....circles?  I can't even get the Google + badge onto my website via html!   I guess it's like facebook right?  Help me here please!  It's all so confusing!

And Facebook, well, never mind....wow!  I finally get my page set up, but I can't link it to my website here...same as what happened with the Google +!  And, now because GFC is leaving all of us non-bloggers, does that mean we have to maintain other social pages in order to keep our readers?  All I wanted to do was write a blog about my interests, do some inspiring and inspired crafts and meet new people who were interested in the same.  This is becoming a fulltime job of upkeep and I believe I have a solution, but am not sure how to implement it....

I need to move my website over to Blogger.
But, how, oh how am I to do this?
Can anyone recommend an online blog mover who doesn't cost an arm and a leg
and is reputable?  Do you know anyone who moves blogs in their entirety?
Have you heard from a friend of a friend about a blog mover?
If so.....please comment here or send me an e-mail and I'll be forever in your debt.

but....will I be able to transfer my GFC over with me?
hmmmm.....so many questions, so little time.

Any advise would be so welcomed....please?