My favourite section of my Pinterest account is "Garden"!
I could spend hours perusing other people's garden sections and have many times.
This particular pin caught my eye several months ago and I
waited eagerly for the spring season to begin so I could put my husband to work.
(he loves
This is so cool.
Instead of sprawling potato plants taking up precious space across your veggie
garden, you can grow them vertically.
Make a box like the one shown above, plant 8-12 potatoes below it, then fill in with
soil to the top of your first level.  When the plant grows to about 12"
above this level, screw another four boards above the bottom one and add soil
to cover 1/3 of the exposed plant.  Continue this way until you've reached the top!
Follow the directions for harvesting!
Remember to use screws so you can easily unscrew the bottom board first
to retrieve your first batch of potatoes.  Replace the soil and boards and
next time use the second board as access.
Here's the one Dan built and he just used old wood that was hanging
around not doing anything but taking up great is that?
We are so excited about this potato box...doesn't take much....that Dan has now
been offering to make friends and family a replica for their very own.
I'll definitely keep you posted on how great (or not great) it works.
In the meantime, we have way more room to grow that awesome new
vegetable I discovered last year...Okra!  Yum!
Okra 2012
Yesterday, I did some weeding and today...I'm paying for it.
Stay tuned for more Woes from the Bad Back Girl.
Thank goodness it's a yucky foggy far...or I'd be chomping at the bit
to go outside and weed more, while knowing I COULDN'T!!!
Get working on your potato box!
110lbs!  Can you believe it?

Potato Box Experiment Update...
     Click on the photo to see the      progress as of only one month after this posting!

June 4, 2012.

Our Easter was celebrated yesterday with two tables set up in our
dining area and enough food to feed a regiment!
It was lovely having the kids, the grandparents and our grandson, as well as
a few good friends!
We picked fresh daffodils from the garden and put them in my Grandmother's
depression glass vase given to me by my mother recently.
It made for a beautiful, happy centerpiece!

In keeping with the Easter Bunny's a few photos I took while
in the Distillery District Toronto with Alana this past Tuesday.
It was such a quaint wee shop selling mostly dried lavender and other
garden accessories in the vintage style.
With all the bunnies prevalent in her little display outside the shop door,
I had no choice but to click some Easter photos! 
Enjoy your Easter dinner together with your families!
I don't think I ever showed you the cake plate we purchased
when we were in the States picking up Blarney in January.
We stopped into this wee antique shop in Pennsylvania - at least it looked
wee from the outside, but when we entered, it was 3 stories of
awesomeness!  And the prices...well...don't go there!  It was another
disneyland of antiques adventure for us.

This cake plate is made of cast iron on the base and had a steel (I'm going to say
stainless steel, but not sure) disc that spins for cake decorating I'd assume.
I spraypainted to top of the disc an antique white to match the base and
on that same jaunt to the U.S., I had picked up a large cloche in
Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price!
Now, I've put together a wee spring-like vignette for display
under the cloche....something to make you think of spring in all it's glory!
The nest is authentic and the eggs are marble.  It's funny, but when I first lived with Dan,
I had an egg that I'd had since childhood which I'd dragged with me all over the place, and then Dan was unpacking some boxes and he had a marble egg as well!
Guess we were meant for each other!
Happy Spring!