Yesterday, I had this epiphany!
I realized that because our village is so small and last year
we only had between 9-12 kids come trick or treating...
that I could make....
Sponge Toffee!!

However, I didn't do it I should have....I did it this morning.
Very early!

When I was growing up, my mom used to make sponge toffee with me and
when my kids were raised, I did the same with them!
I hadn't made it in so long, I forgot how wonderful it smells
...and tastes!

Here's how you can make it too and it's so simple...three ingredients only!

Sponge Toffee

Combine 1 cup Corn Syrup with 2 cups Brown Sugar into a pot set on high.
Stir continually until it looks like this....
and when the mixture starts to string off your spoon like this....
and is somewhat hardening coming off the spoon....
so is stringy.
You need to quickly, take off the heat,
Add 3 teaspoons of Baking Soda
and stir vigorously....then.....
Pour immediately into a "greased" pan and let it set.
(you shouldn't need to refrigerate it to set it and it should only take 5-15 minutes to set on your counter)

Then, you try to cut it...but it's hard to you chip it apart with a knife.
This photo was my second tray and I used a bread pan.
Don't use a bread pan....use a lasagna pan...more control.

So, sponge toffee all made and separated, I put
a piece or two in little spider bags and made some wee tags for them.
I figured...if my child came home with homemade anything nowadays....
I'd be throwing it in the garbage...but, with a name and address on it,
from a small's okay!

I also wrote the ingredients contained in the toffee onto the tag....just in case
they'd be worried about peanuts?!
and, I ended up picking up a bag of tootsie roll treats, cuz it
just didn't seem substantial enough!

It's now 8pm and my internet has been horrid all day (actually thought I might be
putting this out on Nov 1st....eek!), so I'm just finally
getting this posting together and all my candies are gone...
except one...heehee!

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
I must say....I've enjoyed having the weekend off!
I accomplished so much these last few days.
Finally finished up a couple projects, and played around with my blog site a bit.
After many futile attempts, I managed to add a "Grab My Button" for
any of you bloggers out there who may want to have my button on your site
....if you like it, I site...not my button?!
I finally went to Debbiedoo's Blogging and Blabbing Tutorial Page
and did it.....easy-peasy!
Thankyou Debbie!

I also had some time to take photos of our Halloween Entry!
(yes...that's me reflected in the window of the door...I'm such a good photographer!  Heehee!)

I love the wreath I made this year...but....I kind of miss this guy!
We've had him a few years and he dances and sings, activated by a motion sensor!
He scares the crap out of everybody!

I know!  I'll hang him out on the wall to the left of the front door just on Halloween night!

I really didn't have to put alot of effort into my Front Entry this year
because I had a few things already and just picked up some mums...of course, and
made the new wreath!
This is my old milkcan....which is due for a spraypainting (Yay!) very soon...
I'm thinking "Graphics Fairy" and "Heaven's Walk" French Flowerpot method!  Ooooh!
I just filled it with fall leaves and fun fronds from the dollar store to add some zip.

This is our very, very scary black cat.
The Purolator delivery guy wants him!  Hahahaha!
It scared him...never mind, it scared me one night when I opened the door...
and my husband another time!  Hahaha!

One white pumpkin + one leg of a pair of pantyhose = Pumpkin Chic!
I saw this idea on my daughter, Megan's, Pinterest page!
Have you ever tried putting a nylon stocking on a pumpkin?
It's ridiculously hard and you pray
no one is watching you!
Never mind the fact that my pumpkin didn't have a nice stem on the top to paint black!

Oh's the wreath from the previous posting!

Well...I hope you've at least found some new ideas to play with
Sunday's Best Linky Party!
           .....that's guessed!  A Halloween Party!  With a bonfire and lots of treats to eat!  Now, I'm in a dither....what will I be for Halloween?!

            Because....we're going!  We rarely go to any halloween parties as it's so much effort to figure out what to be, but, this one's only down the road a piece and a bit more...sooooo, we're going!

            Should I go as a rock star?  How about an M&M...teehee....our kids were M&M's one year!  Big, bright blue circles with M&M written in the middle of both their costumes!  Our older girls went as pussycats with their friends one time!  But, I don't think people would appreciate a 49yr old woman in a skintight cat suit....nah!  (Gag me with a spoon...that's gross!)  Oh!  I know!  The couple thing!  That's almost like wearing his & her sweaters...sorry to all you his & her sweater fanatics....I're just wearing your love on the outside!  But, about a gangster and a cigarette girl (oops, back to that sexy costume thing again!)  or maybe Bullwinkle and Penelope Pitstop (nope...still sexy).
Maybe I should stick to fairytale images?  Jack & Jill?  Who'd know what we were supposed to be?  Unless Dan carried a pail and had a bandaid on his head (crown)!  We could put his beer in the pail!  on ice!  But, would he want to carry it around all night?  Oh sure!  He won't mind!  Hahahahaha!

          Okay...lets get real.  I don't want to spend hours and hours agonizing over a costume.  Maybe we could go as Mennonites....we had friends who did that one year and they looked fabulous, and none of those same people would be at this it wrong to steal an idea from one group of friends to use at another?  Oh! Oh!  Mary Poppins and the Chimney Sweep?  One of our daughter's went out with her hubby as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth!  They looked soooo great!  It was amazing how wonderfully they did their costumes!  One of our son-in-law's has a chicken costume...yah....a giant chicken costume.....a 49yr old woman could wear that feasibly right?

            If anyone has "ANY" suggestions, could you please contact me?  Something easy and fun!


                                I guess there's always this simple idea!

                                                    Help Me!

The idea for this Wreath came to me while Dan & I
were driving into the city....and I think when I yelled out
"Oh!  I've got it!", he had one of those strange
moments where he looks at me like "Do you have to get so excited when I'm driving?"
Needless to say we didn't crash.
(knock on wood)

I'm very happy with how this turned out....I thought
it might look super tacky when done (and I know....
I truly don't want to be one of those super tacky crafters that only think their stuff is nice...and really...
it's so bad, you wouldn't even buy it at the dollar store!).
I kinda love it!

I picked up a twig wreath at Michaels for a couple bucks,
Spraypainted it black,
tightly wired on a $1.00 web I picked up at the dollar store,
and wired some fall foliage onto it and
the Spider!

So fun!  But wait, I didn't stop here....
I also decided that "yes...I do need a centerpiece for my dining table"
(even though I'm still mad at it for hurting me yesterday!  Hahaha)

Here, I've used a brown metal oval bowl my daughter, Alana,
gave me last year (which kind of modernizes it) and padded the bottom with
that "wickedly messy Spanish Moss".

Then I added some plastic pumpkins, more fake foliage, a sparkly Christmas candle,
and real pinecones (that I gathered painstakingly while weeding in the summer).

And, seriously...this dining table was made for the Fall of the Year!
The colours compliment so well, don't they?

I'm happy!

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating