I know, I know....took me awhile!
You have my "Heartfelt" apology!
What can I say?
Life gets in the way....

Okay....Felt Hearts!
You saw the finished project on Monday...
And, how it attached to the pillow itself.
Plus...in the following photo, make note of the back of the heart for tutorial purposes!
To make a perfect heart shape out of felt, you'll need...
a can of soup
(I actually used Sweetened Condensed Milk...little bigger)
a ruler
a pen
red felt

Fold your felt piece in half and with most of the circular bottom of the soupcan,
draw around it partially.....like so
(we all learned this in elementary school...it's just nice to have a gentle reminder right?)
Draw a straight line angling down to the fold from the partial circle
and cut your heart out.  You may need to cut in the center between the circles a bit more.

Here's the fun part!
Cut out 2 million circles....okay, only 1 million....!
Kidding, it just feels that way....probably about 50-60 depending on how big you made your heart...mine is 6" at the widest point and 5" from the bottom tip to the top middle.
My circles were cut freehand, but I'd say they were about 2" across.
I didn't want to trace them because the pen lines would show up on the good side or bad.
...really old, used ruler
Here's where you heat up your glue gun and put out a sheet of waxed paper to work on.
Don't use newspaper or you'll be peeling it off the bottom of your project.
Learn from me AGAIN people!
Fold your wee circle in half and then in half again, then cut the bottom point off, while still holding it in your hand.
Apply glue liberally to the cut section of your circle ...still holding it together...
then place on your heart wherever you want to start.

_Until you get this......

As you can see from my heart that's finished, I started on the outside edge and I'm not sure if that's better or not...maybe better uniformity to the edges if you start on the outside, but perhaps the pattern would be nicer if you started in the middle.
Regardless, keep cutting circles and gluing until you are tired of it...or when it's done.
Throw a piece of iron-on velcro (which I glue-gunned) onto the back and you are
See how easy that was?
You could do this on a 4-leaf clover for St.Paddy's Day!
....or I could.
Happy Cutting Circles!