The ongoing saga of our Master Bedroom continues....
You saw the corbels HERE.
And, yesterday we finished hanging the second chandelier.
We used to have ceiling fans in our master bedroom, however, decided that with
the breeze coming off the Grand River and central air for the really hot & sticky nights, we could continue the vintage look with the chandeliers.
I'm only showing you the lights...not the rest of the room.
It's not READY yet!

The two chandeliers are different from each other...which I really liked.
This first one needed some TLC.
It was purchased at our local antique store in Caledonia.
This is it finished and touched up with a Krylon Silver Leaf Pen
in the pretty!

Finished Daytime shot

Unfortunately, Dan had wired it in to the ceiling before I realized that
I could indeed fix it up a bit, using the pen.
I actually stood on a knees were shaking.

I know you can see lines where I painted with the pen "up close", but you can't see
them when you are standing below it.  This was hung from an over 10' ceiling.

You can see here I've done the lower ring fitting,
but not the upper rusted one. 

See what a difference it made?
Before, the glass kind of took on a hue of brownish near these fittings.
And, the Krylon silver leaf pen just cleaned it up so perfectly!

Chandeliers are just soooo romantic, especially in a bedroom!

Here is a photo of both chandeliers hung in the bedroom and I absolutely
adore how they bring beautiful lighting and ambience to our
master bedroom in the making.
Although Dan had to rewire both chandeliers because the wiring
was old and probably not up to code, the second one I'm showing you was
easier than the first because it didn't need any touch-ups.
Although hanging all the crystals on it was a challenge in itself!
We picked this one up in Clarion, PA at an antique store during our
journey to pick up sweet Blarney for only $99.00!
I can't wait to hear the tinkle of the crystals in a breeze!
You wouldn't believe the difference this makes in our bedroom,
but you will when you see the whole bedroom complete
at the end of our journey!

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Valentines Day!
Have a beautiful weekend!
2/9/2012 11:12:05 pm

Oh! They look gorgeous! Who would have guessed you could work such magic with a pen! Where can you buy these magic pens? Michaels?? BTW - Where in Ontario are you? Guelph? I'm not far from there in Milton!!

2/9/2012 11:42:19 pm

I know! It's an amazing pen and yes, I got it at Michaels! I'm outside of Caledonia. Thanks for commenting! xo

2/10/2012 01:40:36 am

I love them! I need those for my house! I am following you on Linky! Have a great weekend!

2/15/2012 06:44:07 am

Thanks Shay! And thanks for following as well! xo

2/10/2012 08:20:20 am

OH WENDY!!!! LOVE. Good job!! Can't wait to see the rest of the room!

2/10/2012 07:07:28 pm

Thanks Shay and Tammi! I'm actually going to take some before photos and when I'm done, explain the areas in sections. Even I'm looking forward to it being done! hahaha! xo

2/10/2012 08:10:28 pm

Hi Wendy, LOVE these, I am constantly on the lookout for a chandelier for my dining room! It has to have dangly crystals but otherwise I'm not too fussy! LOL! Thanks for touching base with me...have done the linky thing! Next time I come down south we'll have to catch up (but only if you bring Blarney with you - only kidding) xxx

2/10/2012 08:27:43 pm

That would be fun! Thanks for linking up! Will you be adding that to your site soon? And, I know....chandeliers are beautiful and add so much character to a room. I'm just underway starting our bedroom and it already feels better with these lights in it! xo

2/10/2012 11:23:18 pm

Lovely chandeliers.I have never heard of that product.I wonder if they sell it around here.That turned out great.I can't tell from the photos any difference at all.I am changing our master bedroom too.I found a chandelier for 5.00 at a thrift store.I love it in our room.I am following from common ground linky party.I hope you will follow me too.

2/11/2012 08:26:14 pm

Hi there Anne! Lovely blog you have! I'm following you now and thanks for your nice can get it at Michaels! xo

2/11/2012 11:47:50 pm

These are wonderful Wendy.
I commend you for your ladder time, those ceilings look very high.
Can't wait till you get your entire room ready for showing.
Those chandeliers really set the mood.
So romantic, this close to Valentines day too.
Keeps smiling and creating

2/13/2012 10:17:11 pm

I know Pam...totally awkward...I had to keep doing one little thing, getting off and sitting...I think maybe I'm vertigo prone or something...was shaking like a leaf! xo

Rukmini Roy
2/13/2012 02:42:23 pm

Okay, someones gotten really busy here.... Wonderful Wendy. Love this Chandi of yours and the added touch up. Makes me yearn for one :)

2/13/2012 10:18:24 pm

I was on a real we have a new grandchild, so it might slow a wee bit, but I'll keep plugging away! Thanks for the sweet comment on the chandeliers! xo

2/13/2012 10:51:20 pm

WOW! You did an amazing job! I would love for you stop by and link up at my linky party via:

Mrs. Delightful

2/14/2012 10:53:23 am

I'm a love of chandeliers. Yours are beautiful!
I'm a new follower, Mary Alice

2/14/2012 11:52:09 pm

Thanks for linking up this gorgeous chandelier at Show & Tell! I love having you party with me!


2/15/2012 06:45:54 am

Wow! Beautiful comments! Thanks so much guys! xo

2/15/2012 09:58:35 am

Wendy, The chandys are beautiful and what a great idea using the silver pen. Thank you for linking to the Open House party. xo, Sherry

2/15/2012 12:17:09 pm

That's one handy dandy pen! I need one! And your chandies look beautiful! Vanna

2/15/2012 11:13:44 pm

Gorgeous Chandeliers and what a great idea to touch up the areas to make them clean and shiny again!!

2/16/2012 09:41:25 am

Wow you chandelier's are so pretty, really like the glass ones, add just a touch of charm. That's one handy pen I never heard of. So pretty, your sneak peeks of your room is looking good! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best Par.tay!

2/21/2012 02:03:52 pm

Gorgeous!!! Oh my GREAT! Thanks for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity! I can't wait to see what you link up at my party tomorrow! I LOVE following're so inspiring!

XO, Aimee


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