Chaotic Bliss?!

Well.....Sort of....

I've got soooo many crafts going on that I feel like a Supie at the park in the summer!
Maybe that's why I can't sleep?  My brain is working overtime and the body's
not co-operating!
This is my kitchen/dining table right now!
I know!  Nuts!
It's like company pops in and they are floundering as to where
to put the cup of coffee I just gave them and I'm just
pulling the towel across to the other side of the table with all my unfinished
stuff on it saying "Oh...sorry 'bout that!  Just let me move my
pile of junk!". (thank god the table is 4-1/2' square...hahaha!)

My craft room/spare bedroom really is no better.
That's the room I'm running into to get the supplies to do all these things
or to print off graphics and cut out.  A few weeks ago, it was
not so much.
Seriously!  I couldn't have staged this any messier than this actual photo!
I hope no one wants to stay the night....I'll have to monitor
the alcohol intake and make sure they can drive home from the country!
All these supplies are on the end of the Guest Bed!
Not nice!
And, what's the worst thing you can think of to make a mess in your house
at Christmas Crafting time?
It's everywhere!  It's all over our floors throughout the main floor of the house, even after they've been washed. Twice.
It's on my face, my husband's face, in our food, on the dogs,
in my vehicle! and worst of comes to bed with me!
I'm trying to be ready for this....
Specifically, the "doors & porches" at No Minimalist Here on
December 7th!
Hopefully, when you see my front porch adornments,
you'll forget you ever saw this blog posting!  And you'll think, isn't that so pretty?
One can dream right?

In the meantime...I'm Nurse Ratchett, Florence Nightingale, Martha Stewart,
busy daughter and shopper!
Chaotic Bliss is right up my HerBallistic alley after all!
11/17/2011 10:13:59 pm

Hahahaha.... Messy but warm! All the best for the Christmas party!

11/18/2011 10:51:54 am

Every blogger's house looks like that right now, Wendy! It's creative chaos!!!


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