In all the hubbub of getting other things ready for Christmas,
my Christmas tree has sat looking forlorn (as it did for the whole season last year) waiting to be decorated above and beyond the pinecones, berries and lights that
came with the tree!  Although, that is nice and simple!

Apparently ALL the photos I took of before of the complete tree didn't turn out....
and I wasn't about to un-decorate it for a photo shoot!
This is just a piece of it ....barenaked.

_Last year, I was in the hospital on Christmas Eve (which is when we celebrate and have our big dinner) conveniently, with an appendicitis attack right during dinner
and went back home on Boxing Day!  I wondered why I had no energy for a month before Christmas and just let all the decorating go to the wayside.
This year, I'm going to enjoy Christmas alot more!

Like I've said in past postings, I'm usually the throw it together girl in a
very quick way...not the designer touch type.  With my Christmas Front Porch
being so much fun to create, in one sense I'd love to leave my tree at the
"golden" stage, like here......
(Does everyone have a problem taking a photo of a whole tree or is it just me?)

...But, I'm a sucker for sentimentality and absolutely will always have
all those little homemade ornaments the kids made, lovingly placed ON THE TREE!

I wanted to share some of the ornaments, but not all...not to worry!...that are
special to us year after year after year!

First up....the kids homemade specials!
Megan & Miranda made these in ceramics class one year...preteen age.

Sunday School Art

Miranda was really great at making these Reindeer!
Wait for it......
Squeeze the sides of it's mouth and it opens to reveal (a Hershey's Kiss....
nope...didn't have any of these on hand yet!) a Christmas candy!
Cute huh?

Dough Ornaments are always such a welcome addition!

Coloured Santa wood ornament by Alana, circa 1992.
(she'll love that I said "circa" cuz she's turning 30 on the 27th of this month!)

K...I know this is long...but bear with me please!?!

Here's a couple I made...over the years....simple ones...don't get excited!
And, er, yes...Maureen....apparently I have cross-stitched something in my life!
Only this....for Dan!


Here are some photos of other ornaments, given to us by friends or
purchased over the years that I love!

Golden Treble Clef & Notes + Icicles's shake the tree!

Antique more ways than one.
Some happy memories with family past.

and special new ornaments from good friends!
Thanks Shelley & George!

Finally, the tree topper!  We used to have a large angel on our tree, but when we got the slim-line tree, it was a little overpowering up there, so she's relegated to a table in the livingroom and I made this wee 5" across glass ornament into our Star!
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my Christmas memories
assembled on the tree....
Merry Christmas to you and your families!
& Happy Memory Making!
12/21/2011 09:06:22 am

Your tree is so pretty and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skinny trees they make me smile :0)

12/21/2011 06:55:28 pm

Thanks Tammi! We got the skinny tree when we lived in our old house which had a tiny livingroom and I still love it! xo

12/21/2011 09:25:45 am

Your tree is creative and pretty.. So AMAZING.. : )) Would LOOOVE for you to please share it via my Pin'Inspirational Thursday Linky party happening tonight if you have a moment..* LOVE it.. Thanks in advance.. Wishing you an AMAZING start to your Holidays.. Merry Christmas.. Cheers. xoxo.. Marilyn <--your newest HAPPY follower.. : )).

12/21/2011 06:53:40 pm

Hi Marilyn! Thanks for the nice comment...I didn't really think I'd get any on my's not very unique! Hahahaha! Just old fashioned! Thanks for following and I linked up to you as well! xo

12/21/2011 02:10:52 pm

Awesome cross stitch Wendy! If either of my daughters take it into their heads to acquire a bunch more kids next year, I'll be calling on you to help with the stockings!

12/21/2011 06:57:06 pm

Honestly! I forgot that I did this...and I kinda thought it was tapestry...but upon closer examination realized I had cross-stitched it! Too funny! Aw're right! xo

12/21/2011 04:56:05 pm

Your tree looks great. I can totally relate to leaving it in its as is condition until you get around to decorating it, but, like you, I do enjoy the tree in its natural state. Glad you got to decorate this year! And glad you shared your special tree at my Show & Tell party.


12/21/2011 06:58:25 pm

Thankyou Sharon! Merry Christmas! xo


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