Seriously?  What is the attraction?  Why do people collect things?  How did this primal urge to gather items of the same ilk ever start?  I'm guilty of this hobby, just like the next guy, but it wasn't until today that I was actually wondering what the catalyst is that makes you want to collect a certain object in all different shapes and forms.

            I started as a child, collecting stamps and collecting these little cards shown that came from the tea boxes.  These (like the little UFO guy in a past blog) are also glued into my old scrapbook as a memory.  I didn't really start collecting anything else until my early 30s and maybe it was just because I could?  Is it because I like pretty things, because my collection just sits in a cabinet looking beautiful.  I don't use my collection for anything, but I often wonder which of the kids will want it when I'm gone...I know...morbid, but it's natural to have these thoughts.  Will they sell my collection?  Or will they continue on with it and add to it?  Just because they know I'd like that?

                Dan & I collect different things...he collects cast iron and hurricane lamps (and tools as far as I'm concerned...haha) and I collect perfume bottles.  We've collected these items for approximately 20yrs or longer, but it's been a casual relationship with our collections.  Periodically, we are out and about at an antique shop, flea market, garage sale or oddities shop and we'll just happen to see something for our collections that catches our eyes.  We're not avid collectors that search estate sales, surf the web and put up ads for wanted items....we're just the type that sees something we like and thinks "hmm...first is it too much to pay?" and "Do I really love it?".   You know?  Discerning.

            My perfume bottles don't have to be necessarily old (antique)...I just have to love them because they are unique.  Sometimes the kids or other people pick one up for me for a gift and sometimes they're ones I've picked up for a buck, just cuz they were pretty!  And, a few are expensive...but only a very, very few.  They all, however, have a memory involved...and that is important to me...it's like landmarks of your life.   I pick up cast iron pans for Dan at Value Village and he enjoys grinding off the rust, sanding them, and the process of re-seasoning them.  He gives some of them away to family and friends, but mostly, he likes to find uncommon pans & pots.  One of his favourite ones was picked out of the garbage by his son, on his way home from school, when he was about 15yrs old.  It's huge!  At least his collection is useful! 

                    Whatever the reason we humans choose to collect "things", I believe it must be deep-rooted in our psyche somewhere or genetics or a past life. 

            And, I thoroughly enjoy it! 

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