I was in Home Hardware last week and browsing the garden section
when I saw this most awesome tomato planter, which by the way,
Mark Cullen (famous Canadian gardener) endorses.
Given the fact that it was almost $17.00 and I'd spent my budget last month
on soil and mulch, I passed on buying it...but couldn't stop thinking about it.

Along comes my friend Maureen, who gives me a unique tomato plant which her
neighbour gave her.  It's an Ugly Tomato from Italy.  Not sure if that's the real name
or not, but that's what she called it.  She said it was really ugly, but oh so sweet!
It doesn't look so ugly right now?
I thought to myself...what am I going to do with this ugly tomato?
I've already planted out my Romas and Beefsteaks in the veggie garden, so
where should I put it?  When, aha!  I'll make my own damn
upside-down tomato planter!

I took two hanging planters, one a size smaller than the other...
Almost everyone has some of these kicking around in their sheds right?
I then, cut out the bottom of the large one (the base).
Slipped my tomato plant through the opening upside-down, then
filled up this pot with potting soil.
I took the other pot and filled it with potting soil and quickly inverted it upside-down on
top of the filled pot.  (You may have to get someone to hold the bottom planter
with the tomato hanging out the bottom when you do this...I did.)
Attach the plastic hanger and voila...you can water through the top of the
smaller planter and grow your tomatoes upside down!
I didn't count on that happening when I watered the plant!
Thank god it landed against the fence instead of falling the other
way and totally falling apart!

Plan B!
You'll also note that the plant is already almost touching the ground.
I plan on putting some hooks placed strategically across the fence line
to swag the tomato plant over!
Cross your fingers it works for me!
Rukmini Roy
5/28/2012 04:25:03 am

Super awesomeness. I'll do a small version. Always wanted to do that.

5/28/2012 09:33:42 pm

I know! I've done the upside down bags before, but they're super messy with the soil coming out the holes....at least for me they did! xo

5/28/2012 12:31:38 pm

great idea attaching it to the fence! Hugs

5/28/2012 09:34:54 pm

Thankyou Katherine! I really didn't have a choice! Hahaha! Hopefully the fence holds up. xo

5/28/2012 07:45:58 pm

I am so amazed at the creativity I find blogging and your ugly tomato plant now has a fantastic home! Love your homemade planter and like you I think I would have tried the shepards hook first not realizing it would fall over :-)

5/28/2012 09:36:51 pm

That makes me feel better! It seemed like such a heavyduty hook. I was lucky it fell on the fence for sure! Thanks for coming by. xo

5/29/2012 11:34:00 am

Good Luck! Can't wait to see how it grows! Oh and GREAT job!

6/2/2012 04:22:13 am

Thanks Tammi! I'll update as it grows! xo


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