Many, many years ago my husband, Dan & I purchased this old stool
at some not remembered antique shop.
Maybe 10-15 years ago!
It sat in our old garage at the old home we lived in and had been taken
apart, but never stripped down.
The metal portion had been painted over & over, was rusted and pitted and
the seat was a mess, the step was broken but the pieces were both there.
Sorry!  No BEFORE shots at all!  I know...I forgot!

I guess I've given him some inspiration to finish old projects we'd both
forgotten about, because he worked at this slowly and diligently and now
it is proudly displayed in our kitchen by the stairs
(although I took the photos somewhere!)
It's a beautiful old piece and I'll bet some of you remember having one of these
in your family's kitchen at some time or another.
This is kind of a neat stool because you can fold the bottom step into the frame
to keep it out of the way.
It's super sturdy because the legs are iron so it'd be perfect for
using as a guitar stool don't you think?

He did a fantastic job and made it look new, but old, but new....
2/5/2012 04:51:46 am

I am a sucker for old stools and I've never seen one like this before. Love how it folds under! Following on GFC and Linky - to cover all bases!

2/5/2012 05:04:18 am

Thanks Kelly! I love that feature too. Thanks for following as well! xo

2/5/2012 07:15:11 am

Hi Wendy,
I'm a sucker for stools also. Can't seem to find any lately. Love the one you have. I also am following you thru Linky. Have a wonderful evening.

2/5/2012 02:39:15 pm

I remember an identical stool in my grandma's house! Her's had many layer of paint on it. Dan is such a patient man to work at bringing that one back to life!

2/7/2012 05:48:40 am

Wow! Tell Dan he did an awesome job!

1/30/2015 12:57:13 am

I recently received the vary same stool as a gift from a customer. I enquired about the stool and said it would make a fantastic place to sit while playing my guitar. Next thing you know, I was the proud owner.

I am in the process of refinishing the stool to match its original flair and condition.

A little history: the stool was produced more than 40 years ago. It was built in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. It is called a "Superior Way" drop-step stool.

11/2/2016 06:03:09 am

That's a wonderful stool. The Superior Way step stool was a rather popular item in the 1930's and 40's from what I gather. Produced in Guelph (Fergus) Ontario the produced many items for around the farm. I have seen some dating back to 1915. I was lucky enough to pick up one of these step stools and I am so very much looking to put it together as an original. I usually sell these items, but wow...these are beautiful. Thanks for your post.


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