On the heels of the passing of heartthrob Davy Jones, my husband
and I were sitting around the table with some friends when my husband jumped
up to retrieve a 1967 issue of fLiP teen magazine.
(I know...shock...but my husband is a music trivia buff, especially the music
of the 60's/70's and he keeps these precious items.)

On the cover of this issue was Micky Dolenz of the Monkees.
This guy was pretty cute, but truly ladies....the following
photos from the magazine are "dreamy"...as you know if you are one of those girls
like me born in the early 60s who was in love with Davy Jones after
seeing him on the Brady Bunch and hearing the Monkees music!
You know...magazine pages taped on your walls all around your room?

Enjoy this Flashback!  I did!
And, finally...on the back cover of the 1967 fLiP teen magazine:
Did this bring back memories for all of you?
Remember waiting for the new teen mags to hit the shelves so
you could pore over them endlessly while flung across your bed listening
to their fantastic groundbreaking music?
I do!
Rest in Peace Davy Jones
Rukmini Roy
3/7/2012 06:18:01 pm

Flash back it is! Sometimes I really want to go back in time and live the 60's. Beautiful Display picture btw Wendy. You are looking so beautiful holding Logan...I love what you are wearing. :)

3/7/2012 08:21:31 pm

Thanks Rukmini! Sometimes I want to go back to that simple era, but we wouldn't be blogging or have iphones would we? Thanks for noticing my profile photo too! Hope all is well with you. xo wendy

11/10/2014 02:42:29 pm

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