...toothbrush?  my phone (okay...Dan's phone)? my camera? my mascara?  I know!  I hate packing to go away for a couple days!  Couldn't I just buy everything I need when I get there?  No....that wouldn't work...then I wouldn't be relaxing right? 

            I have my "lists" all over the place, my laundry is still finishing up, I'm waiting to talk to my friend to find out what else I can possibly cram into my suitcase to bring!  Will it be warm, cold or rainy when we're there?  How much wine should I bring?  ...and, oh yah....I just remembered!  Roasted Marshmallows dipped in Baileys!  Hahahaha!  Big yes! 

            Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited?  Part of the reason is, it's so gorgeous in the fall up in Southampton and I'm looking forward to the photo op!  I'm hoping my favourite shop "Martha's" is open, but I have a bad feeling that she's already closed for the season.  Definitely, The Cook's Cupboard will be open and Nancy reminded me in a msg today about the best Macedonian Omelets on the planet at The Lighthouse Restaurant....having that!  For sure!  (there blows my diet....ahhh...but...I knew this was coming...October's a new month for a fresh start right?!)

            I'm not actually taking three suitcases....don't be scared Nancy! 

            It's strange when you begin to blog....and you become a blogaholic....you know....where everything you look at you see in the context of a blog?  How can I make that into the perfect blog subject?  Should I do a theme and take photos of front doors of places while away?  Maybe I can find some natural stuff at the beach to make home decor items out of?  Wow....hooked or what?!  And, going somewhere different brings whole new content and stories to talk about.  But, I'll be relaxin', don't you worry.  It only takes a click (or 20 if you're trying to make it perfect) to take a photo and I can still use my other hand to cook my marshmallow!

            I'll be back Monday!  and...I'll miss you! 

9/29/2011 01:43:49 am

I think you should take all three vintage suitcases. You'd be the most elegant guest in South Hampton!

Brian Smith
9/29/2011 04:37:23 am

The picture of the 3 bags on this blog reminded me of something...

The largest of the bags? I bought one very similar to that (though not the same colour) at a garage sale that you and Dan had on Brucedale! I still use it....

9/29/2011 06:07:58 am

i am so excited!!!

9/29/2011 10:43:32 pm

I'm not so sure I want to be elegant in a trailer park...but it's a thought isn't it? Hahaha

I remember those bags Brian...wasn't it the elderly man down the street who was selling them for a dollar?

And, Nancy! I'm excited too!


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