The Keeper
            Two and half years ago, Dan & I moved out here to our lovely new home, where everything was perfect!  Except...the dishwasher.  It was a great dishwasher...it worked great (the old one, I'm talking about), but it leaked all over the floor - profusely!  Within one month of us living here.  But, to give credit, it was an older model, etc....  And, it was black, like the rest of the appliances and I don't really like the black appliances that much, so when it died, we thought, "Let's slowly change them over to stainless", because we really liked them in our old place.

            So, off we went to Lowes and found a full door Frigidaire dishwasher (not this one).  We paid somewhere in the region of $1,300.00 for this first one we brought home and we had a plumber install it.  Don't forget, we had just moved and Dan's back wasn't up for laying on a ceramic floor hooking up a dishwasher, but he has done it in the past and he's good at it!  Maybe better than the plumber who took three hours to hook up our dishwasher!  Well, buddy hooks it up and we look at it and it's crooked, so we're saying "What's up with that?"  That's when we realized the galvanized hinge for the door at the bottom is bent.  How the heck that would happen is beyond us?  At the factory, obviously.

            So, back it goes after a quick call to Lowes and this time, while we were down there to exchange the dishwasher, we asked for delivery, because....we bought a Frigidaire fridge to match our new dishwasher.  When the delivery arrived, Dan hooked up the dishwasher...with his sore back, since we really didn't want to pay someone to come and do it again!  So, he had it done in under an hour (with breaks...hahahaha) and we started her up and...nothing.  Are you kidding!  Nothing.

            We call Lowes again and they suggest we call Frigidaire because it's under warranty.  That's a whole other treat trying to explain that it's never been running and you just got it today.  They sent a guy out from a local appliance repair shop and he states "Yup, it's toast, you got a bad motor".  He signs the forms and back we go to Lowes.

            Now, you know we're pretty ticked by this point right?  We called first and they said they'd speak with the manager because there were no more like ours in stock!  They were going to let us choose whatever dishwasher we wanted to replace it.  And, they were going to take care of the cost of the plumber and the gas money going back and forth. 

            We arrived, searched and searched up and down the aisles of the dishwasher displays and there was nothing!  Nothing that matched our new fridge we'd purchased.  They were saying "How about this lovely one?" and I'm saying...."the handle is too square" or "I don't want to see the controls showing".  Frustrated and upset we were advised to get our money back from customer service and try another store.

            Did I say frustrated and upset?  What I meant to say was MENOPAUSAL!  After telling our story to the Customer Service Rep at the Returns counter, she said "let me get the manager okay?" and I...wait for it...started to cry.  Oh yah...loser!  He comes back and I tearfully tell him our story, with a lineup of customers behind us all listening and Dan holding me close consoling me (I'm sure he was thinking...you go girl!) and now the customer service rep has tears in her eyes!  The Manager then says "Did you look in the model kitchens?".  I say no and he guides us over to them and we search again.  The first clerk never gave us that option and we didn't question it because they are the "high end" appliances.

            There we were in the model kitchens and I look over and see (the keeper shown above) "The Dishwasher"!  But, there's no price anywhere around it.  It's a Frigidaire and it's two drawers that can run independantly of each other or together at the same time...and it matches our fridge!  The clerk goes off to find the price for us and we're thinking "No way...we can't afford this one, it's going to be alot more than what we paid."  Still dismal about the whole situation, we wait and back she comes with good news and bad news.  Of course...we said "Give us the bad news first" and she says "It will take 4-6 weeks to receive this because they're only produced as they're ordered"...and "but the manager says he'll cover the difference!"  OMG!  The price was $2,100.00 plus taxes!  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face!                            

Inside Drawer
            It was delivered in 2-3 weeks and installed by a professional (two sets of hoses, etc...we didn't want to go there!) and we absolutely LOVE it!  It's great for just Dan & I to use just one drawer daily or when we have lots of company to use both!  We won't go anywhere else to buy our appliances now and we are still hoping to replace a couple more black ones with stainless! 

            WE LOVE LOWES!     

Brian Smith
9/27/2011 04:07:46 am

Sorry Wendy, but that was funny!

You know, my dish cloth and towel have never broken down. Installation was a snap and when they wear out...it costs pennies to replace them! Besides that, they're environmentally friendly and save on hydro use.
Screw it....I want a dish washer.....

9/27/2011 04:49:37 am

Hahaha! You are too funny! And I know...could have bought a winter beater for that price huh? Or gone on an awesome trip! The luxuries of life...But, I'd rather have a dishwasher..it's there everyday and isn't just a memory!



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