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I was on Facebook a couple days ago when I came across one of my friend's posts
and it's been thought provoking to me ever since.
We all know that some families have need of a food bank for one reason or another, but it never crossed my mind that a food bank is good for another reason.
If a family requires a food bank, it only makes sense that there isn't enough
money for a child in that family to purchase a gift for mom on Mother's Day.
Audrey (my friend on facebook) asked that everyone look under their bathroom
vanities or in the closets for those gifts you received or bought yourself
but never opened.  You know, the ones that are a lotion and a perfume or perhaps a manicure set you never opened.  The list is endless and I'm sure we all have unopened
toiletries we could donate for gifts on Mother's Day.  Wrap the gifts up and drop them
off at a food bank close to you so that a child can give mom something special
on this Mother's Day!  When I told Maureen about this idea, she had the idea that not only is this a great gesture for Mother's Day, but also birthdays!  Dropping off lightly used or new gift wrapped toys with a description of what's inside would probably be welcomed as well, don't you think?  Maureen's thought was there's always a Christmas Drive every year, but what about somewhere where there could be a Birthday Drive?
And hey!  Let's not forget about Father's Day!
If you don't have the time to donate for Mother's Day, there's still plenty of time to
do this same gesture for kids with dads!

Graphics Fairy
When I look into my closets, I see stuff I've never used or worn that would make
lovely gifts for someone who just can't afford it right now.
I happen to have some bathsalts in fancy bottles which I made that haven't been used.
Tomorrow, I'm going to drop some stuff off at a food bank.
How about it?  Can you donate something so a child can feel like they are pleasing mom?
Thanks Audrey for this epiphany!
Happy Mother's Day to all!
5/11/2012 02:59:13 am

This is so awesome!! And, I totally agree. Some of the most rewarding days I've ever had were those spent entirely to benefit someone else. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Mother's Day!!

5/12/2012 07:49:14 am

What a fabulous idea - I agree that helping those less fortunate isn't just for the holiday season.

5/13/2012 12:55:37 am

That is such a great idea as we know kids agonize over having a gift for their mom. When you are down on you luck, special occasion can become a huge stressor and it would be so nice to be able to make it the happy time it should be!

5/14/2012 11:55:59 pm

This is a BEAUTIFUL idea!!

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