I'm sure alot of you have seen
The Double Rainbow Guy on Youtube.
It came out in 2010 and has had 32,403,579 hits on it thus far.

Everybody we've shown it to has laughed their heads off!
That being said (and watched),
I too saw a double rainbow about 2 years ago from the backyard of our home!
Oh yes....and I too was blown away by this scene.
I'm sure I was making some of the orgasmic noises this guy was making for sure....
but, being the well-bred middle class girl I've always been, I'm sure
I didn't go on about it quite so long as this hysterically funny
Double Rainbow Guy!  I did however defend him...in the beginning of the video.
You'll never know though, because at that time, all I had was a wee little camera.
No iphone, no Canon Rebel T2i with sound!
Some secrets go to your grave with you.
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1/26/2012 11:41:59 am

Whoa! Double rainbow all the way!!!!

1/26/2012 06:48:55 pm

Hahahaha! You crack me up girl! xo

1/26/2012 09:05:16 pm

Your photo is beautiful....and the video...I have seen that before too...but I still laughed again...and truth be told...got teary eyed as well too! Thanks for sharing!
ps...I thought I had followed you before...but I don't see my picture...so I am going to now.


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