I was going to wait to post this, however, after having one of my readers
ask me how I liked my chicken coop, because he was thinking of picking one up at  the
TSC, I decided I had to own up!
Although this appears to be the most awesome chicken coop you could buy
readymade for around $250.00 on sale at TSC, it's not....
and here's the reason why.
photo courtesy of www.itsallconnected.ca with Maureen's permission.
Do yah get it?  Do you see how weeny, teeny this is?  As tall as the fence behind it?
We didn't even attempt to put ours together after seeing this...just went straight back to the store and got our money back.  Even the clerk was surprised by how small we explained it was!  Maureen from It's All Connected did a post on her coop
shown here, called "Chicken Ranching on a Very Small Scale", but she
plans to add-on to hers and if she only has a couple chickens, she really is okay with
that because there's only her to take care of with eggs and her daughter runs
a rescue farm for chickens and can take them back over the winter until
Maureen does enlarge hers!

Our idea now is to build our own in keeping with the basic style of  this one Karen
from The Art of Doing Stuff built.
This is how she had it all done up at Christmas time and she copied a prototype
from Heather Bullard Lifestyle Blog. 
I really can't imagine anyone doing a better job than Karen has on her urban coop!
Heather now sells the plans for the above absolutely gorgeous chicken coop
HERE (Chez Poulet Coop Plans)!

Dan & I would like to build our own, but have a lean-to roof look to it, rather
than the flat roof or the peaked roof.  We'll get there and when we do
I'll definitely post about it.  We  have some other priorities going on
right now with gardens, kids, dock, getting our main floor painted, etc...
but we'll GET THERE!
So, if you read my first blog about the chicken coop entitled
"...And a Chicken Coop?!  Wha?!..."
(also known as "A Day in the Life of an Impulsive Couple")
you'll understand how disappointed we were.
Cluck, cluck!  Tough luck!
4/16/2012 09:19:34 pm

When you said how much it was I thought it was funny...I know how much stuff like that cost back home and I couldn't believe it was THAT much cheaper over here! Isn't it amazing how, when they advertise stuff, you never get a true picture of the size haha? Mind you, that other one looks awesome! You were obviously destined to wait awhile for something so much better!

So how's the weather down there? My Cuz is on a cruise somewhere so I got no update! We had 25cm snow yesterday and -15 overnight LOL!

4/20/2012 07:23:58 am

Rona...surprisingly, the weather has been a balmy 68-70F, but there's rain coming! We've been trying to get our gardens cleaned up....ever so slowly it seems. Hope it warms up where you are soon! xo

4/16/2012 11:10:38 pm

Wow, I don't know much about chicken coops, but the one you bought sure is small! I'd want to live in the one by Heather Bullard, so the hens still wouldn't have a home! Can't wait to see what yours looks like and how you build it.

4/20/2012 07:25:00 am

Cathy, I must agree....it will be nice digs that's for sure! Soon...xo

4/17/2012 04:13:33 am

I appreciate you owning up to how small the coop is, now i know I can better spend my $300 building a chicken mansion :) Those are some fancy designs, even a bit bigger than what I'll need I hope. I plan on about 6 egg laying chickens, no roosters since they'll bug my neighbour I'm sure. haha
Where in Ontario do you live? I live about an hour southwest of Ottawa near a small village called Jasper.

4/20/2012 07:26:39 am

I appreciate your questions boosting me into owning up to my small coop! Hahaha! We live outside Hamilton here in Sunny Southern Ontario! :)

4/17/2012 05:04:56 am

That IS a small chicken coop. Much better idea to build your own - the two homemade versions you posted are WAY better than the bought one! My grandparents had chickens years ago - sadly, they didn't raise them for the eggs, if you get my drift...

Have fun designing & building your coop :-)

{I'll have to take a look at Nova Scotia tartan and see how close the blue on my front door is to the blue in the tartan. In real life, my door is a bit more greeny-blue than it looks in the pictures.}

4/20/2012 07:28:25 am

Thanks for commenting! We're looking forward to building it...it's exciting! I could take a photo of my Nova Scotia jammies...hahaha...

4/17/2012 09:38:28 am

What a disappointment.That is the smallest coup I have ever seen.

4/20/2012 07:31:00 am

Oh Anne! I know! I guess it'd be good for maybe silkies...smaller chickens that you kept for a hobby more than eggs and/or meat. I was actually surprised how small it was.....xo

4/17/2012 11:34:22 am

I see I shall have to get moving on the coop addition to save my reputation in chicken land! lol

4/20/2012 07:32:36 am

At least you can start! And, you have someone to take them over the winter...just in case you don't get the addition finished! Hey! We could probably take yours over the winter...duh me! xo


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