I'm back...bright and early today!  Woohoo!

Day Two of Front Porch Christmas Week!

I'm going to show you this very tall candlestick...it stands about 2-1/2' tall
and I picked it up at a flea market a little while ago for $9.00.
It had this plate hanging off it that had a sun painted on it....it was not pretty.
(I think I winged the plate into outerspace when I brought it home! hahaha!)

It's just a cheap resin-like material, but lots of carvings on it!

Here's three of the sections of it up close...all chippy.
I liked that it kinda had a Christmas candle on the base.
The middle has a musical fretboard in it...fun!
As you can see, I had already started painting the top before I realized
I hadn't taken any photos of the before. 
Chalk paint was used once again in Antique white for this!
And, I did attempt to do the same thing I did to the candlesticks, but I felt like
there was toooo much detail and it looked almost cartoony as I worked my way down.
So, I painted over it again because it just looked more elegant left simple.

Some gold bling & a pretty round candle and it's ready for the
Christmas Front Porch.
Easy Peasy!
& cheap!
11/30/2011 09:39:49 am

Hi Wendy,

Your painted and decorated sled is gorgeous on your front door.

I love your candlestick too!

11/30/2011 12:42:15 pm

I'm back home as you well know and catching up with the neat things you have done! Cool candlestick. I can't wait to see your entry completed!


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