This week for me is crazy, hectic, nuts.
I have to drive into the city almost every day this week!
That almost never happens to my quiet life now.

This week, we've already had a doctor's appoitnment for flu shots,
had to take my mom to the doctor, had to go with her to Toyota three times,
and then yesterday go with her to pick up her new Corolla!

Did I mention she's 83?!  Yup, just bought a new car!
Way to go mom!

Taking her to her pre-op today...cataracts.
Taking Dan to his pre-op tomorrow...hernia.

So, my point is....I'm working on a couple things for my blog, but
it's going to be hit & miss this week.  I'm here and I'm trying really hard, but.... gets in the way!  I'll blog on the weekend if I miss a few days this week!
You might just want to check back in the evenings, cuz I'm just going to blog when I can instead of first thing in the now...when it's 4:30am!  What was I thinking?

Next week is going to be pretty much....THE SAME!
Because next week is the actual surgeries for all the pre-ops this week!
I'm working on a guest spot...or perhaps two, because it is a two part story, from
It's All Connected
for next Wednesday/Thursday!

I did see a psychic once that told me in all my other lives I'd been a man
(an extremely virile Viking and an Irishman who travelled the land on foot)
and this time I was sent back to learn patience as a woman?
I have to say...I don't like it one bit!
(well...shoe shopping is nice, but....)

Are you done yet God?
(picture me saying this with hands reaching out to the heavens in my backyard)

"Oh...Wendy (49yrs old) Don't be so foolish!"   (that's my mom's voice & she really does still say that to me!)  Hahahahah!

12/30/2014 11:49:49 am

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