The idea for this Wreath came to me while Dan & I
were driving into the city....and I think when I yelled out
"Oh!  I've got it!", he had one of those strange
moments where he looks at me like "Do you have to get so excited when I'm driving?"
Needless to say we didn't crash.
(knock on wood)

I'm very happy with how this turned out....I thought
it might look super tacky when done (and I know....
I truly don't want to be one of those super tacky crafters that only think their stuff is nice...and really...
it's so bad, you wouldn't even buy it at the dollar store!).
I kinda love it!

I picked up a twig wreath at Michaels for a couple bucks,
Spraypainted it black,
tightly wired on a $1.00 web I picked up at the dollar store,
and wired some fall foliage onto it and
the Spider!

So fun!  But wait, I didn't stop here....
I also decided that "yes...I do need a centerpiece for my dining table"
(even though I'm still mad at it for hurting me yesterday!  Hahaha)

Here, I've used a brown metal oval bowl my daughter, Alana,
gave me last year (which kind of modernizes it) and padded the bottom with
that "wickedly messy Spanish Moss".

Then I added some plastic pumpkins, more fake foliage, a sparkly Christmas candle,
and real pinecones (that I gathered painstakingly while weeding in the summer).

And, seriously...this dining table was made for the Fall of the Year!
The colours compliment so well, don't they?

I'm happy!

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
10/7/2011 01:20:27 am

Cute wreath! I love the web.

10/7/2011 07:16:53 am

Oooo - I really like this wreath! Sorry about your head.

10/7/2011 09:02:05 pm

Thanks guys! I really glad you like it too! Like...really glad! hahahaha!

10/9/2011 09:23:40 am

Hi Wendy,
One newbie saying hi to another. Love the wreath!


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