My history of Garbage Picking
began when I was 18yrs old!
Oh yah!  I was living in my first apartment with my old friend Nancy
and one night, we were walking home from Tim Hortons at
2:00am in the morning.
It was a long way from our apartment and it just happened to be garbage night.
We saw a chair for our living room...
like this....
Only....ours was orange and the wood on it was carved.
(so much classier...hahahaha)
We carried that thing at least 10 city blocks and we were stopped by the police.
"Hey, ladies....where you going with that chair?"
We actually had to convince him that we hadn't stolen it from someone's home!

Fast Forward to when I'm around 25, and I'm down the block
at my friends place, have just had a baby and
lo and behold....there's a change table sitting across the street in the garbage!
It was in perfect condition!  I mean perfect!  Clean, no rips on the pad.
The tubular steel doesn't have a single spot of rust!
I picked that up and used it for Megan!
(I couldn't find a photo of what that one looked like, but you know the type!)

So, now we're at me being about 33yrs old.
Dan & I have a house, with five kids and two student boarders.
We are thinking of putting a third washroom in our basement for the boarders
we see a shower stall and it's like brand new in the garbage on Scenic Drive,
(which is an upscale area of the city).

Dan actually went up to the door and asked if it was indeed garbage....
we didn't want to be caught stealing! was definitely garbage they said!
Pay dirt!  Hahahahaha!

Driving down our street a few years later, we look over and a chair like this is in the garbage now!

"Dan, Dan! Stop the car!"
We had one just like this until the seat finally rotted out of it.  Dan fixed it up because
it truly did need a little TLC, however, I guess it was too far gone, but...
I put it in my garden and it looked gorgeous for years with just a plant on the
hurt seat.

Don't be shy about getting out of your car and garbage picking!  It's so much fun!
It's like going to a garage sale without the haggling!
And, although you feel kinda like you're stealing, it's soooo worth it!
On your next Garbage Day...especially big pickups....
Keep your eyes peeled!
10/10/2011 10:52:16 am

This post makes me just want to keep saying, "garbage picker, garbage picker, garbage picker" and that's childish. te he


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