Two and a half years ago, Dan & I moved into our new home and like alot of new homeowners moving into an older home, we asked the question "Are there ghosts?".  Surprisingly, the answer was no...we said the same thing to the people that bought our house...like you'd want to scare a potential buyer away right?  The living room section and part of the kitchen of our home was built in the 1800's, so we were skeptical nonetheless.   Things started to happen quite slowly and there really weren't a whole lot of occurrences, just enough to let us know there was something or someone testing us,  so to speak.  What you need to know is that initally, someone local told us that we were in fact 4" over our property line onto the cemetary land.  Well, we thought "What exactly are we supposed to do about that?  I mean, take out the wall of the poolroom and the spare room and fix it?  Really?"  A little while later, we were surprised to find that in actuality, we own 10 feet of the cemetary at the front of our property where our house is and then it dwindles down the property line....in a diagonal shape as all the properties were back in the day.  Interesting?  Yes it is, because, we now have graves on our property.  One is snug up against our deck and very, very old!

          In the first few months of living in our new space, the lights above the kitchen sink and countertops would flicker and die, after only being changed for a week.  When we finally had an electrician come in and change the transformer switch for the whole section, it worked great....until he left.  Then the same thing....flicker and die.  We ended up returning the part he put in and Dan put the old switch back in and then, we just put up with it, however, it didn't last forever...only a couple weeks longer.  Those lights along with the light on the back door were affected.

          One day, we were making pickles and I had gone into the garage to grab something.  When I came back through the living room I saw Dan heading upstairs (open stairs front & back) and asked him where he was going?  He answered me....from the kitchen.  He wasn't going anywhere, but I swear I saw him heading up the stairs.  Someone in pants was heading up the stairs!  

          In the wee hours of the morning, I'll sometimes get up and wander through the house due to restlessness or achiness, and many times I'd mosy over to the poolroom door only to see what looked like skeletons swimming in the pool.  I'd stare and stare, unbelieving, at this sight of shadowy skeletal figures happily playing in the pool underwater.  At this point, we hadn't figured out how to turn the actual light in the pool off, so it was constantly on, however there was no way the light fixtures or anything else would cause this phenomenal visage!

          One day, Dan was ill and laying down upstairs in bed trying to sleep.  He said he felt me sit down on the bed and blow in his ear and he said something grumpily to the effect of "Leave me alone, I don't feel good!" and it happened again, so he opened his eyes and I wasn't there.  He said he actually was looking over the side of the bed thinking I was hiding on him.  I also had someone sit on the bed beside me one night, but I probably freaked whatever or whoever it was out by hitting Dan and saying "Daaannnnnn!" in a sissy-girl voice!  

          The weirdest moment was when a wee 2yr old boy, Travis, was over at the house last year and we were sitting out in the screened-in room.  He was facing the cemetary in the churchyard next door and I was facing him at the table.  Travis was playing with his ironmen and we were chatting, when suddenly he looked past me into the cemetary and said "Horsies...and buggies!  Look!"  I obviously looked and absolutely nothing was there or out of the ordinary, but you know what they say about young children and ghosts...no inhibitions and direct connections as a result!  

          That seemed to have been the last thing that happened and we had been living in our home for a year and a half by that point, so we're extremely hopeful that the ghosts have decided to like us and that we're no threat to them?  We don't mind if they swim in our pool at night!  I only hope that one day when I pass on to the other side, I'll have a nice host home where I can swim in the pool and blow in their ears!  Hahahaha!

Have a sound sleep!

Wendy P
8/18/2011 02:25:15 am

You are so creative, kind, and genuine. I look forward to reading more in your blogs, and getting your helpful tips. I'd love for you to show me how to make the lavendar linen spray, and oils. I'm a lavender freak also. Just ask my Dan!
Love ya,

8/18/2011 04:19:49 am

Thanks Wendy for the kind words! And, I'll be sure and update my subject matter with regard to herbs!


Heather vanHoof
8/18/2011 05:39:10 am

You know when I read this just now I got goosebumps up my arms! You aren't the only one in this area with ghosts, they say that all of Middleport is inhabited with spirits from the past. The upstairs of our house in the 1800's was a funeral parlor. Of course that wasn't disclosed until we bought the house, that might have been an issue with me! Some people are more intune with spirits than others, and they manifest themselves in different ways depending on the person they are trying to connect to. Maybe they are in the pool trying to warm up lol

Brian Smith
8/18/2011 06:29:54 am

I spent most of my life laughing at people who believed in ghosts...
Until a number of years ago when we lived in a big old 2 1/2 story house on Kensington Ave in Hamilton.
My younger sister was staying with us for a short while and sleeping in the finished attic. One morning at breakfast, my sister turned to my ex and thanked her for pulling up her blankets during the night. She also asked what my wife had been wearing on her head...
My ex had no idea what my sister was talking about. My sister described a woman in a nightgown with a high neckline and wearing a bonnet of sorts with a ruffled brim. We quickly passed it off as a dream and forgot about it.
About 2 weeks later, we were woken up by my 3 year old son talking and laughing. I went into his room and flicked on the light. My son was sitting up in bed and craning his head to see through the doorway I stood in front of. When I asked who he'd been talking to, he replied, "to that lady in the nightgown and funny hat"!!

8/18/2011 09:53:39 am

I believe in ghosts after my parents bought the farmstead Thomas B. Costain (the writer) grew up on. That ghost was decidedly unfriendly! But, living in the oldest house in your village, I have never seen or heard the tiniest whisper of one in my house. I LIKE it that way.

2/6/2012 06:48:25 pm

Oh Wendy, this sounds scary. As a matter of fact, even I have stayed at a house where there were disturbances such as this. We used to see things, hear stuff, see mom walk past but mom in actual would be sleeping next room...we actually left the house after it reached its peak. I had a bad encounter, of which I will have to write to you. Good, it all stopped.

2/6/2012 07:01:33 pm

Rukmini...I'm pretty sure our house is okay...I never got a bad feeling in it! I did, however, live in another house on Gabriola Island in BC which I should blog about sometime...that memory is imprinted in my mind and we actually left at the peak as well...freaky! I think some people are just more open to ghosts than others, don't you? I'd like to hear your story too! xo

7/9/2012 08:50:20 pm

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7/9/2012 09:34:22 pm

Thankyou "affordable rugs" and I hope to see you return! xo wendy


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