My favourite section of my Pinterest account is "Garden"!
I could spend hours perusing other people's garden sections and have many times.
This particular pin caught my eye several months ago and I
waited eagerly for the spring season to begin so I could put my husband to work.
(he loves
This is so cool.
Instead of sprawling potato plants taking up precious space across your veggie
garden, you can grow them vertically.
Make a box like the one shown above, plant 8-12 potatoes below it, then fill in with
soil to the top of your first level.  When the plant grows to about 12"
above this level, screw another four boards above the bottom one and add soil
to cover 1/3 of the exposed plant.  Continue this way until you've reached the top!
Follow the directions for harvesting!
Remember to use screws so you can easily unscrew the bottom board first
to retrieve your first batch of potatoes.  Replace the soil and boards and
next time use the second board as access.
Here's the one Dan built and he just used old wood that was hanging
around not doing anything but taking up great is that?
We are so excited about this potato box...doesn't take much....that Dan has now
been offering to make friends and family a replica for their very own.
I'll definitely keep you posted on how great (or not great) it works.
In the meantime, we have way more room to grow that awesome new
vegetable I discovered last year...Okra!  Yum!
Okra 2012
Yesterday, I did some weeding and today...I'm paying for it.
Stay tuned for more Woes from the Bad Back Girl.
Thank goodness it's a yucky foggy far...or I'd be chomping at the bit
to go outside and weed more, while knowing I COULDN'T!!!
Get working on your potato box!
110lbs!  Can you believe it?

Potato Box Experiment Update...
     Click on the photo to see the      progress as of only one month after this posting!

June 4, 2012.

5/2/2012 11:13:00 pm

I LOVE this idea! It will be excited to watch it grow, add boards and see what you get. The adding boards part of this is so interesting to me. I'm sorry about your back. I'm glad the weather isn't beckoning you outside today. I know that feeling. Thanks so much for linking up at Show & Tell.
Sharon @ mrs. hines class

5/3/2012 01:47:04 am

I know Sharon! Isn't it awesome? I just hope it actually works cuz I've been waiting awhile to try it! The weather has improved...almost 30C here! But, I'm reading. I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING TODAY! Hahaha! Healing time... xo

5/3/2012 05:41:35 am

I have never seen anything like this! i love the idea!! thank you!!
Still too cold here to plant summer crops....soon!! can't wait for my garden!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

5/5/2012 01:08:42 pm

Hi Anna! wasn't really my idea, but I'm going with it! I'm following you back now. Thanks for visiting! xo wendy

5/5/2012 05:26:53 am

This is brilliant! I wish I could have a garden.Too may squirrels around here.

5/5/2012 01:09:53 pm

What?! Too many squirrels? The squirrels here don't even bother with our veggie garden...weird! It is a great idea isn't it?! xo wendy

5/5/2012 10:12:34 am

We are just heading into winter so I'm going to keep an eye on this to see your results for summer. Sound great :)

5/5/2012 01:13:29 pm

Oh yes do that! I'll be sure and post around harvesting time! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works too! xo wendy

5/9/2012 01:38:14 am

How are your potatoes doing?

Sharon @ mrs. hines class

5/9/2012 11:24:57 pm

Can wait to read more!

5/10/2012 07:05:23 am

What a great idea. Pinterest is fantastic like that. I get so many craft ideas over there. How great that Dan was able to use excess wood. It's so win win. So glad to see you back on my blog.

9/25/2013 11:05:58 am

I was longing to read such kind of informative write-ups from a very long time good to know that such kind of posts are there to help ignorant and novice people.

6/18/2015 08:40:01 am

Learned about this idea at a local gardening class I took years ago...I won't say how many! Used tires, planted the potatoes in my aged compost pile and as the plants pop up, you plop a used tire over them and add dirt to the top. Did it with a stack of 3 tires by the end, cool thing was knocking the tires over to harvest, lol! So many potatoes, a lot of them inside the wheel of the car tires. Had forgotten all about that till now, have to try this again! Yours looks SO much nicer!!

6/18/2015 08:41:50 am

oops, forgot to tick the little box about being notified of new comments!


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