Today, I'm guest blogging at "It's All Connected"
My subject matter is very popcorn, because it's about popcorn!

It's not the actual popcorn, it's the method used to make it delicious and healthy!
The reason it's a relevant subject to guest post over at Maureen's Blog is
that her most recent posting "Hope For Alzheimer's Disease?"
includes not only her poignant tale of 22 days of lucidity near the end
of her mother's illness a few years ago, but also information
about a breakthrough book regarding coconut ketones, written by Dr. Mary T. Newport,  that actually does relate to my new method of making popcorn....quite coincidentally....
Please take the time to read Maureen's story "Hope for Alzheimer' Disease?"
because almost everybody knows or knows of someone in their lives with Alzheimers and if this can help just one person, Maureen & I will be thrilled.
And, don't forget to read how my Popcorn relates!
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