Our Easter was celebrated yesterday with two tables set up in our
dining area and enough food to feed a regiment!
It was lovely having the kids, the grandparents and our grandson, as well as
a few good friends!
We picked fresh daffodils from the garden and put them in my Grandmother's
depression glass vase given to me by my mother recently.
It made for a beautiful, happy centerpiece!

In keeping with the Easter Bunny celebration....here's a few photos I took while
in the Distillery District Toronto with Alana this past Tuesday.
It was such a quaint wee shop selling mostly dried lavender and other
garden accessories in the vintage style.
With all the bunnies prevalent in her little display outside the shop door,
I had no choice but to click some Easter photos! 
Enjoy your Easter dinner together with your families!
4/8/2012 10:55:13 pm

That is such a quaint and pretty shop display, filled with Easter & spring loveliness :-) I really want to get to the Distillery District one day.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend :-)

{If you decide to try to make your own mercury glass, feel free to ask me any questions you have. It's really fun to do!}

4/9/2012 08:43:26 pm

Oh I'll be making it Kelly! ...the mercury glass. And, there was only a few shops open that were fun little shops. Must be the time of year! I plan on going back next time I'm visiting my daughter when it's busier. So wait til summer if you plan on going! I kind of enjoy Queen St East and West! And of course, Kensington Market. xo

4/9/2012 01:39:21 pm

Hi Wendy! What a beautiful Easter display with your daffodils and depression glass... so bright and happy! I wanted to come say hello and thank you for your sweet comment at Burlap and Buttons. I'm happy to be following along with you... Have a great week!

4/9/2012 08:44:35 pm

Why, thanks so much Kelly! I'm so glad to have made your acquaintance! xo

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