's come to my attention that I am a Klutz!
Yup, got up yesterday morning....was trying to sleep in...for once in my life....
let whiny Rainy out (who had just been out moments before, but Dan left the house
so she was freaking out!) after throwing back my covers in a hissy fit and stomping happens....what can I say?!  Went out to the garage to check for some coffee cream in the outdoor fridge.....and on my way down two little stairs....I tripped on my big loose worksocks (aka Dan's big woollie ones he didn't want) and I went down.
Down, down, down....twisting my left foot under itself.  OUCH!
So, no broken bones, but am pretty sure I have a sprain.
I can still
So, the scoliosis backpain isn't enough I have to be even more
crooked and limp on my other side!
Dan & I are leaving for the States to go shopping....tomorrow.
Isn't that going to be fun?  Isn't it?  Are there motorized carts in the malls of America?
I'll be yelling back at Dan if there is....HURRY UP!  KEEP UP!
Off to Salvatores with a jacuzzi tub for a treat....and the dang foot will probably
swell right up and burst or something!  Hahahaha!

After having a wonderful day driving my mother (Miss Daisy) around...obviously it was my left foot I maimed...could still drive....and waiting in the car while Megan helped her around the stores and I read my kindle, I'm
finally home and am going for a wee lie down with my foot up!

Thanks for listening to my rant! all my American friends....
I'll be back to talk with yall on Monday!
(Did yah like that...yall....hahahaha!  I actually do say that sometimes....)
1/5/2012 08:01:54 am

You Klutz! hee hee actually my mom says I am one too so you are not alone! Glad it was not broken...enjoy your trip and be careful!!

1/5/2012 01:46:36 pm

I came by to see if you are OK. When I didn't see you at Sunday's Best I thought, hmmm, that's strange. Now I see you fell, I know what you mean by a klutz, cause I consider myself on. I hope you trip to the states are good and your foot doesn't get too much in the way. Miss you!

1/5/2012 04:38:54 pm

Awwww poor thing you. Is it alright now? How are you going to travel like this? jeez. But you know what? I'm a Klutz too. I always get hurt. All the time. Everywhere :D

Be safe. I knew you were going to the US, but i didnt know of this.

Oh, try dipping your ankle in some soap water. Works like magic.

1/5/2012 08:38:01 pm

Ouch!!! I was glad to read nothing broken , I fell going UP the stairs the other day.....grrrr.... So I do commiserate.
Happy motorized shopping. Guess the Mr will have to run the cart and pay at the till ?

1/5/2012 11:14:26 pm

Seriously? This is a disaster with your planned blitz at Hobby Lobby and Michael's! ~ Maureen

1/6/2012 08:24:33 pm

I'm okay...just a little swollen! Can't find the splendid blenders anywhere! Wah! I've made the Mr. pull his wallet out a few times! Hahaha! No cart...yet! Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! xo


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