Every night, we hear the train going past our wee village.  I love the sound of the train passing by, rumbling and whistle blowing.  I think it may be a throwback to when I was young and stayed for vacations at my Nanny's home in Nova Scotia, because she had tracks across the street and behind some houses from her home.

            You know how they say music can take you back to a different time in your thoughts, well so can a whistle of a train.  It just sets off a "ping" in your mind and heart relating to a good memory. 

            One of our trips to Nova Scotia, when I was a child, was taking a long journey from Ontario on the train with my parents.  It was truly a whole new world!  Yesterday, I was thinking about trips and I kept thinking about taking a train trip for some uncanny reason (which is what brought this whole subject up in the first place!)  to somewhere I may have been already or somewhere new.  But, the thing is, it's a whole new perspective of a trip when you take the train, so it's a good thing to head to somewhere you already have been by vehicle or airplane and see a different view along the way.  The train is very comfortable and from what I've seen on those cooking channels, have wonderful chefs on board now!  Your berth (room) is comfortable if you can afford your own, or you can just get one of the type that convert to a bed at night...think they're called Sleepers?  You can walk around and visit the dining car, the bar and make stops in new cities. 

            I actually checked out VIA Rail for their package deals and wow!  They have a large amount of variety with getaways for a few days or longer than a week in categories like Cultural Events, Spas, Fishing, Shopping and more!  Like a moving hotel!  I was thinking it might be nice for Dan & I to head up to Quebec City for a weekend.

            When I'm laying in bed here in this serene place, awake, and listen to the soulful train whistle, I get this peaceful feeling come over me that tells me "I am where I should be".  Sometimes...you just have to listen.  All is right in the world.

9/22/2011 12:50:22 am

In the dead of winter, in Northern Ont., the sound of the whistle for the CN was a big deal. My mom would always say, "There 's still life out there!" My brother was a toddler and had a tangerine crate at the window so he could watch the train and wave at the people. Thanks for stirring up that memory!


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