Yup....this is my youngest daughter's grad photo.
My 23yr old now has a BA in Communications and is in her second year of completing
her BA in Journalism.  Not only is she intelligent, but I think she's gorgeous!
Megan rocks!
The last two photos shown here are Instagrams from Megan's Twitter.
Did I mention she's addicted to Pinterest and has the most boards of
any of my friends?  Go take a look HERE.
She's the reason I opened a Pinterest account in the first place....
not because it was Blog-cool.  I didn't even think of linking stuff
to my Pinterest account until I'd been blogging for a couple months!
Even when she was two years old, she was Photo Savvy!
Isn't she pretty?
I get special bragging rights, of course.....
That grad photo started this train of thought....I just couldn't get over how
flawless it looked!
Love you Megan....to bits!
...and lets not forget....
4/7/2012 06:07:06 am

Will you be posting a full tutorial on how you made that? I'd like to pin the instructions. lol She's a lovely, smart girl and you should be proud of your creation!

4/9/2012 08:46:25 pm

Hahaha! Too funny Maureen! xo

4/7/2012 11:40:28 am

she's beautiful Wendy! and yes do tell us...when are you posting the tutorial hahaha!

4/9/2012 08:47:15 pm

Yes...one of my finest creations! Linky party anyone? xo

4/8/2012 08:49:52 am

She is lovely!!

4/9/2012 08:47:52 pm

Thanks Tammi! I love her to bits! xo

4/8/2012 08:35:34 pm

Congratulations to your daughter Wendy. You are right she is very pretty and takes a lovely shot.

Very exciting times for her I am sure.

4/9/2012 08:49:10 pm

Thankyou Carolyn! And yes, she's making her way....if she ever gets out of school! Hahahaha! xo

Rukmini Roy
4/8/2012 11:14:16 pm

She is so beautiful Wendy! She is very photogenic. I love her eyes and her beautiful blonde hair. Or is she a red head? Both looks wonderful on her.

4/9/2012 08:50:26 pm

She's naturally a blonde, but it has darkened up a bit over the years, however, she usually keeps it blonde and every now and then throws in a red headed look....for fun! xo

4/9/2012 01:32:31 pm

Yes, your daughter is very pretty and very photogenic. She reminds me of you...I think she has your eyes. You have every reason to be proud.

4/9/2012 08:51:45 pm

Awww....Thanks Sharon! We all like to think our kids look like us! We're actually not sure with the eyes cuz her father has large blue eyes as well...maybe a good mix?! Hahaha! xo


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