But......it's not happening!  Well, I've been up since 7:40am today and my big plan was to get out in the flower garden and do a bit of weeding.  So far, I've found soooo many other jobs that are just way more exciting!  I've made the marinade for our BBQ Pork Slices we're having this evening and cleaned up from that.  I've made post-it notes for my computer about subjects I can blog about in this blog and the Health Blog. 
    I killed the last hour cleaning out the spice drawer in our kitchen.  Some of the chili pepper flakes had fallen all over the inside of the drawer and under the spice holder, resulting in a huge mess (which actually was a job I avoided doing on another day!  Hahaha!) so I washed the inside of the drawer and all the little bottles of spices and here they are.  Such a proud moment!  I know...loser. 
    My "point" here today is why is it that we wake up planning on doing one thing and get so totally side-tracked?  Is it just me, or is everyone as ballistic as I am when it comes to setting your mind on doing one thing?  I mean, I've been snapping photos, reading recipes, learning how to link websites together...anything to get out of gardening today and the thing is...it's a GLORIOUS day to be out gardening!  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  What is up with me?  Um, I think the word is "Procrastinator"!  I just can't help myself.  My brain is bouncing from idea to idea, room to room.  Is this a disease caused by blogging?  I know my husband thinks I have blogadigititis.  Is there a psychosis for this yet?  Actually, it really is just an excuse...cuz I've always been like this!  And, I'm worse now that I have backpain because I can't stick with something for very long....no wonder I'm spinning!  I can tell right now that this will be one of those days where you are getting ready for bed in the evening, shaking your head and wondering what the heck you did all day.  I know I'm not alone here......right?

Think I'll go put my laundry away now.....

8/22/2011 12:01:09 pm

Boggers Anonymous for you maybe?

Heather vanHoof
8/24/2011 02:28:23 am

The problem I have is more that I wake up with a plan in mind of what I want to do that day but something or someone else has other things in mind. I seem to not be able to say NO to the other things so my agenda gets put on the back-burner. Then something else comes up or someone, and on and on it goes. I'll be lucky if I ever get acheived what I want! At least you are getting something done for yourself! Love your blogs, keep them coming. :)

8/24/2011 07:24:16 am

Oh yes...the other people issue...there's that too isn't there! lol! We have problems saying No as well! Thanks for your comment!



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