We all say this at some point don't we?  What we could do with a million dollars?  I suppose if we were all very frugal, we'd all have a million dollars....I know I'd have more than what we have now to spend!  But, we raised our blended family of five children and tried to give them everything they needed.  We bought them driver's licences, drivers lessons, paid for schooling, made Christmas wondrous, took them somewhere away in summers every year, kept up on technology the best we could, kept a couple of vehicles running safely, and fed them nutritionally well plus a whole host of other expenditures.  We don't regret any of that...it's just what you do and what you want to do because you love your family more than life itself!

            It's just....you look around and think, should we downsize from this place and perhaps get a smaller place, but seriously, when that time comes I'm going to have a problem with it, as will Dan.  We love our home.  We love our neighbours, the river, the "feel" of our house is comfortable with our hardwood floors in the dining part of the big kitchen all scratched up from dogs and the expanse of windows across the dining/kitchen area letting the sunshine in and giving us the most glorious view ever!  The wee balcony off french doors in our  large, airy bedroom is lovely to sit out on at night, again, overlooking the river.  I know...sounds like heaven right?  Well, largely it is!

            But, and here's the but, if I had a million dollars....I could pay off debt incurred while off work with chronic backpain and not being paid, or my newest huge debt to Canada Revenue for taxes on a CPP Disability retroactive payment that I didn't receive because it went directly to Long Term Disability to top up the tax free coffers they had paid me from.  Aside from those little financial woes, we could fix all the silly things around the house that need fixing and we could do it all in one fell swoop!  Woop!  Woop!  It'd be great to change the whole system on the pool because it's hard to control the chemicals properly.   Another biggie....wouldn't it be great to haveOMNI Basements in to fix up our dungeon downstairs?  Then I might be okay with going down there...not so worried about spiders and other critters!  Our basement is as old as the house!  Built in the 1800's under the original section of the house, it gets wet every time it rains...every single time...and in fact, we have a mountain of dirt coming down through the foundation in one area!  Sweet!  When we moved in, the Inspectors recommended a French Drainage Ditch across the whole front of the house, and the Sellers did have that done, but it's not really helping!  Wah! 

            Out front we have one side of the garden all roto-tilled and ready to be landscaped, but more important things come up to pay for like skylights that shatter for an unknown reason, or sump pumps that die.  It will just have to wait!   Don't get me wrong!  We're not poor!  It just seems like the bigger things you get the more the maintenance costs on them doesn't it? 

            What I'd really like to do with a million dollars is have someone else come in and repair all that needs fixing, do the landscape labour, which will take us forever with bad backs...it won't be this year....again!  But, the best thing would be to help others with extra money!  I'd be giving our kids some money to work on their house woes!  or for the ones that don't have a house, I'd help them buy a house!  I'd send the ones that chose not to go to school back to school and pay!  And, if there were some money left over, I'd like to try to help someone who's not in our family that's not as fortunate as we are.

            Because perspective is an important view to have, more than the view from our windows, we must every now and again sit back and think.  We are so blessed and so lucky!  Yes, our bodies have let us both down in the pain department, but I think when I look at where we are today, I am at peace with all those everyday blips that happen, because we're happy with each other and the people around us.  It could be so much worse and please don't think I don't appreciate everything we have...I've been in the land of Mother's Allowance when I was young and that was much scarier financially then anything we're going through now!  But, perspective makes you realize that even if I had a million dollars, it wouldn't change the happiness in my life I enjoy everyday...it would just make it easier to wake up without a care in the world!

             And I'd still eat Kraft Dinner!

Heather vanHoof
9/4/2011 01:17:21 am

I agree with you on this! They say that money can't buy happiness, but it can enhance the happiness that you are already experiencing. I think that seeing others happy if you are able to help them out also boosts your happiness! I would love to be able to start my kids off in their dreams and let them re-create that happiness for others as they move on in life without the stresses of making ends meet. I would love to contribute and maybe make more of a difference to organizations that could really use it to make even more people happy or healthier. If only...

9/4/2011 03:16:03 am

I concur with you as well....if we could just rid ourselves of the stresses...although, I sometimes wonder if having a million dollars would be a different kind of stressor in inself?

Naaaahhhhhh! :)


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