That's right, the procrastinator in me is very prevalent when it comes to my weight! I say I'll start tomorrow back on my diet about once a week. When I young, I was basically skeletal...like concentration camp skeletal...hiding my jutting hip bones from view under loose shirts because I was so embarrassed!  What I'd give to have those back!  Hahahaha!  I tried and tried then to gain weight, but now, I hide my body under loose clothing to cover the fat!  Appealing right? 
        So, why is it we struggle with the concept of losing weight?  I think there are many reasons to put it off when you are 49 years old, but so many more to not put it off.  I love when people are telling you all about the best way to lose weight right?  Like you haven't been obsessed with finding a quick fix solution for the last 20 years and yo-yo'd from soup diets to 7-day diets to just about anything new on the market?   Obviously anyone in our age group is well aware of the dangers of gaining weight and yo-yo dieting.  We all know in our 40's and 50's about the possibilities of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout, back pain related to, etc.... We've all raised our children by this age and taught them how to pick healthy foods to eat, how to exercise and they've generally watched us all dieting....never mind....they've had to diet along with us!  Really mom?  No cookies or chips in the house?  No fair!
        The reasons not to diet (or at least not for very long) are varied.  Summer is my number one answer!  All the wondrous BBQ's...you can't miss out on corn on the cob dripping with butter can you?  Nooooo!  Also, this is the season for friends coming over, staying over and it's really hard to do portion control when everyone else is pigging out.  And, when do we drink alcohol most?  Summertime!  Nothing like a cold beer on a hot day...but wow...talk about adding on the calories!  My number two answer is "I love to cook!".  Now, I know, from experience that Weight Watchers has excellent recipes.  I have at least ten Weight Watchers cookbooks and use the recipes frequently, but when I'm not watching my intake, I eat too much of them!  They are fabulous and always taste delicious, but sometimes....you need to have that recipe with the real bacon in it and butter and full fat cheese.  What is that little thing in our mind that causes us to say "What the heck?!...going for it!"  This is where WW actually is a good choice for you due to the fact you can use any of your old favourites and use the points calculator to figure out how many points you are using and adjust your portion control if it's a crazy amount!  This diet allows for real life situations and anytime I've lost a substantial amount of weight over the years, it's been via Weight Watchers.  I know I'm quite passionate about this diet, but truly, it works!
        I know all this just seems like the musings of a crazy fat woman, but I do have a point.  I'm going to start tomorrow back on my Weight Watchers diet and yes...I know it'll be Saturday and we're having company (another really good excuse), but I absolutely want to feel better within and about myself, so hopefully if I make it a public diet and post some of the awesome recipes I'll be eating and disclosing my actual weight loss in pounds (eek!) then I'll be humiliated into actually doing it!  How drastic is that!  So, you will be following along with my trials and tribulations during this.  I'll keep you posted on the Health Blog about my progress.  I am a member already of the "Weight Watchers Online", but obviously haven't been using it much!  It's SUMMERTIME!!

        Feel free to share your diet trials and tribulations too....then we can all be embarrassed into losing weight!

Brian Smith
8/26/2011 08:05:03 am

I'm deep into your corner on this one Wendy!
Anyone who diets during the summer has to have some sort of martyr complex!

Hell, winter's coming and we all know how few delicious things are baked in an oven in the cold weather, and really, who thinks about food in the weeks leading up to and past Christmas?..uhh, never mind.

We obviously need a new season....

8/26/2011 09:19:30 am

Yah! We could call it the Lean Season! or even better...the Fast Season! Hahaha!


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