Recently, we had a friend staying with us for a few months,
but now......
he's gone and I have my guest room/office back! 

Today, I spent the whole day, cleaning it up, dusting and changing the shelves' contents
so I could have all my reference books handy to my computer.
And, my printers....yes, two... because I just recently picked up
a laser printer for those French Flowerpots and other crafts I plan on doing
that will require it as well, but still need my fax/scanner/photo printer!.... and now
they are handy to my laptop, instead of me having to go upstairs to print anything!

(The table shown here is our old harvest table, made by Mennonites in
St. Jacob, stained by Dan years ago and scratched up by kids and dogs
over the years....couldn't part with it, so it became my desk!)

Oh yah!  I'm Stylin' now!

And this.....FABULOUS!
I was losing my herb books (shown here), as well as my aromatherapy,
gardening, psychic/spiritual and craft books
in the melee of all our other books!
Now...just an armslength away from my blogging frenzy!

I also, SPAZ-tically, cut my head open today!
That's right folks!

On the corner of our Dining Room Table!
I was wiping off the tables to put the printers on and
abruptly straightened up from my bent over position and
BOOFED my forehead at the hairline
on the corner of this slate table!

That's when I ran into the garage to find Dan before I might pass out,
and he led me bleeding back into the kitchen where
blood was pouring out of my head all over my clothes and the sink and the floor!
Dan put pressure on the "wound" until it stopped bleeding.
Wow!  Spaz or what?!

But it was all worth it because now....

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