Last week, I turned 50. 
        Yep, the BIG Five Oh.       
This is a photo of me at my 50th Birthday Party, held at our home on Saturday.We had a Vintage Birthday Party!
....because....I'm vintage now.
The girls and Dan were throwing the party, but I ended up in the thick of the
planning.  I mean, afterall, it was at our house, so what's a girl to do?
We had massive amounts of food including a pig roast our friend Craig took
care of tending to all day for us!
So funny!  Elmo going after the oven mitt and Blarney licking the cutting board....
well...a little gross, but god love 'em!
Don't worry, we pulled them away from the meat.
We had mountains of delicious food!  The very best was the cupcakes
Miranda & Robynn spent painstaking hours icing!
The jello shooters Alana & Megan made didn't hurt either.....
And, speaking of alcoholic beverages, Mark (Alana's guy), Maureen & I worked on the
punches.  The recipes came from the Ontario LCBO's Summer Edition.
Tequila Sangria & Watermelon/Cucumber Tequila Punch.
I'd advise against putting the Tequila Sangria into these dispensers....the fruit
kinda jammed up the spout and we had to use a ladle.
There was also a non-alcoholic punch...don't worry!
Everyone had a wonderful time, myself included!
It's nice to get together to see friends and any excuse will do really.
Turning 50 just happened to be mine and we had an award for the best vintage hat.
Here's the Winner!
It was a great way of getting our gardens finished, fixing up the screened-in room,
cleaning the house all under the crunch of a deadline.

I loved this photo of my two girls, Alana & Megan,  and myself and wished the other two girls had been in the photo as's hard to get people all together in a photo!
I did get photos of the other two beauties though.....
The Lovely Miranda
and the Beautiful Robynn with hubby, Adrian!

All the girls worked very hard to get ready for this party!
I'll be taking the rest of the summer off from house deadlines and will be able to focus more on blogging and decorating.  In the meantime, while I laze around thinking of post ideas,  you'll find me here.....relaxing!
Thanks to everyone who helped out with the party, especially Dan,
the girls and Maureen (godsend)!
6/23/2012 02:50:04 am

I totally forgot you had told me the party was coming up....I am a terrible bloggy friend! It looked wonderful and you and your family and all the food did too!!! I will be turning "vintage" in another 7 years....ha!

6/24/2012 08:53:40 pm

"7 Years?!"....Lucky you! It was a wonderful party and loads of fun! xo

6/23/2012 10:05:20 am

Hey! Happy Birthday! xx

6/24/2012 08:54:21 pm

Thanks Rona! xo

6/23/2012 01:09:11 pm

It was a great party and a perfect way to set out on your journey through the next fifty years!

6/24/2012 08:55:36 pm

Thankyou soooo much Maureen...I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without your much needed help! I really appreciated your unconditional friendship. xo

Rukmini Roy
6/24/2012 05:09:01 pm

Wow!!! *blowing the whistle*. Such a great post with happy photos. And goly, Blarney has grown THAT much??? It was only the other day he was this wee little pup! You are looking beautiful Wendy. And so is Alana, Megan, Miranda and Robynn. And that pig roast is making me salivate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and now that you are vintage, I love you more :P

6/24/2012 08:57:41 pm

Yes...Blowing the whistle is right! I'm at one with! Thanks for the sweet comments are so nice! The pig was delicious...stuffed with apple sausage...the flavour was to die for! I did feel a little guilty eating the poor thing after watching it cook all day....

6/26/2012 11:42:03 am

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! So, glad to hear you had a wonderful,loving day filled with family and friends. Here's to many more!

8/20/2014 09:33:17 pm

lovely so nice

12/6/2014 04:39:33 am

all pictures are awesome so nice


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