....is the shelving unit that holds all of our much loved CDs.  These have been acquired throughout the past 18 years by Dan and myself from various places all over.  We are very passionate about our music and always have been which results in a very diverse selection of music filling the house at any given time.  I believe we've become CD hoarders in that we are unable to part with any of them, yet don't really listen to the actual CDs any longer because we have ipods now.  We have an 80GB and a 120GB ipod.  The 80GB is full of music and the 120GB is two thirds full of music as well.  I think we hang on to the CDs because we want them as a backup base (even though we do have an external hard drive backed up) for if we ever lose our music on our ipods.  Not only do we have all this music, but also Dan has boxes and boxes and boxes (did I mention boxes?) of vinyl records in his closet.  And, we picked up a conversion turntable so we could convert all the records to the ipods.  Crazy!  Yes it is, because in order to do that, you must listen to each whole record, flipping over for Side 2 and really?...that takes an excrutiating amount of time which we plan on....someday.  

          The real reason we won't relinquish our CDs is because the sentimental value attached to each and every one is overwhelming!  In the first many years of collecting them, Dan and I would save up $400-$500.00 and head to Toronto for a daytrip.  This was a special day for us and we'd spend ALL day in Sam the Record Man, Sunrise Records and HMV in downtown Toronto.  We wouldn't stay overnight because that would be ridiculous wouldn't it...I mean, why would you spend the money on a hotel room that you could spend on more CDs?  Hahahaha!  We'd look around together for awhile, then separately, then together through every genre in each store.  If we were separately browsing, which by the way is very serious business and you become engrossed, and one of us found something particularly fantabulous, we'd search the aisles for the other and run up saying animatedly, "Look!  Just look at what I found?", grinning like idiots!  Sometimes when we were ready to go, we'd actually have to go through an elimination process because when we tallied up our finds, we'd be over our limit.  That was a horrible moment...knowing you had to put back one or possibly even two and come back another time for them.

        Leaving the stores behind was always a melancholy moment, but transformed the instant we got into the vehicle and ripped the packaging off the first CD to listen to!  There's nothing like getting home, popping your favourite purchase of the day into the good sound system and pouring yourself a glass of nice merlot while immersing yourself in the glorious sensations of the music. 

        We have a quote that's permanently on our wall in our dining/kitchen which says "Music is what feelings sound like".  As soon as I saw this, I had to have it and figure it prominently in our social area of our home.  It about says it all doesn't it?  On any given day, our music is playing because music can cheer you when you are sad, or help you wallow in your sadness.  It can demonstrate your anger, or quell it and music can bring on feelings of love, peace, kindness or despair, desolation and solitude.  Where else can you find an entity such as music that you can drive with, run with, sleep with, make love with, eat with and dance with.  It can make you think you are as good a singer as Joni Mitchell, Nat King Cole, John Fogerty or Sarah McLachlan....or is that the darned merlot?  Teehee!

        So, you can see how passionately we feel about music and why we can't relinquish any of our CDs.  We are in love with music and no matter how rich or how poor you are, music can always be a part of your life...a good part.


(ps.  shelving units are individual towers fastened together from IKEA...they can grow with your collection) 

8/28/2011 10:51:24 am

I must confess --- I have a bunch of your CD's!


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