Dan & I went antiquing this past Saturday, with nothing in mind
other than to browse around and not buy much.
We were good!  Honest!

All items purchased were under $14.00!
See...we were good!

We went out to Waterford Antique Market in Waterford, ON which has two
stories of awesomeness inside...oh yah!
See what a horribly dismal day it was!  What better time to hide inside
an antique market!?  I told you all recently that Dan's going for a hernia surgery on
Thursday this week....well....he had alot of outside stuff to do, but it was nice for us
to just go out on that cold, drizzly day and it'll be awhile 'til the next time we're able to!

Okay...onto the fun stuff!

Our Interesting Finds of the Day

We don't believe this is old....at all....but it was kind of a great thing to have around!
you can clip a strand of jewellry, or something you are trying to read, into
the two clips and magnify it.
(Actually....Dan was more excited about this than I...but you never know?  I may end up using it someday)

These two 16" long scrolly wood pieces were a conundrum when we got them home.
Where I had envisioned them,
(In the doorway between our closet hallway and our actual bedroom)
didn't work.  They just didn't look right.
So, I walked around the whole house holding them up everywhere
and I'm still not sure about them.
Dan wants to make plant hangers out of them for the front porch....not a bad idea?
I was thinking....shelf supports....Still thinking.....
Any ideas friends?

Of course, as a lover of the garden, who wouldn't love this find?
Because the plexiglass is aged, Dan is going to cut some glass for it
and that will clean it right up!

I have a secret plan for this baby!
Can you guess what it is?  ...the secret plan I mean!
This is a plant holder....er....was....

50 cents each
Brown Wood Pirns,
fit into a shuttle for bobbin winding when making wool.
Check out Spinning Lizzie to see how they would have worked.
(she got hers for 25 cents each....lucky!)
These are part of my secret plan....

And, last, but not least!
I've been so inspired by VillaBarnes and have read pretty much her whole blog!
She talks of collecting "embellishments", which I should
have been doing all these years and could kick myself for not!
So, these are two little 4" trivets I found that I thought might be kind of pretty
as an embellishment on the face of a dresser or chest.
It's funny, but when you are looking for embellishments....you are going through
every nook and cranny of an antique store and looking behind things more, just to find
those little goody bags they put together for next to nothing!

I've so enjoyed sharing my day trip with you!
Have a great day!

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