Or....is everyone completely blown away by the techno era that's going on around us?  And, really?  How many people work at the phone companies?  Seriously?  Honestly...I spent another two hours on the phone today with them.  My old landline phone company "B", clawed back the landline phone from my new phone company "R" (not sure I'm allowed to name them!) because my new phone was attached to my new internet "country hub" and whenever my internet service went out, my phone went out with it!  Our antique telephone (courtesy of Terry from www.thesepeastastefunny.com) wouldn't work, we couldn't order Pay Per View from "B" and I couldn't
even send a fax!  So, I called "R" two days ago to advise them that "B" was taking the phone line back with the number today and they told me to go buy a new simcard (because unfortunately the internet and the phone shared the same number) and call them when the process was over.  So, I did, and was advised that my account had been cancelled and my security deposit had been applied to the bill (that I never got) and I'd have to open a new account.  Fine.   During this past month, I also found out that my neighbour ordered the "country hub" and was told that the one she was asking for was pretty much obsolete and there was a much better one out there they'd send to her.  I received the obsolete one for the same price.  Go figure....remember the checkout line story...Murphy's Law?  So, after speaking with Management about it, they finally put me through to the tech department with notes on the account for them to do a swap for me and the Techie answers the phone and says "Ma'am...I can't help you right now...we have a power outage on our whole block here in Toronto."  I say, "Are you kidding me?" and he tells me that "It's a very serious situation and to call back later, have a nice day."

          So,  here I am with finished "after" photos to upload and a super slow internet unable to load them tonight.  It's so ridiculous!  Out here in Rural World, it's long distance for Dan & I to call each other in the same house on our cellphones, never mind the neighbours or the City!  I thought the government was going to do something about Rural Internet Connections for us lowly Canadians?  No?  I've been fighting for 2-1/2 years to get decent internet coverage and now....my neighbour has it!  Hahahaha!

          I'm sorry to rant, but someone has to do something about this!  It's horrid!  Maybe I should have a lavender day tomorrow again......????


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