Okay...I'm not going to harp on about this healthy-eating, weight loss gig on every blog!  Don't worry!  I just want to say a few things....  hahahahaha!  As if!   I'm super pumped about this weight-loss adventure I'm going on because I've made it virtually impossible for myself to fail.   If I blunder, that's okay....everyone does that, but if I don't try really hard to reach the goal weight I'm going for and show some progress, I'm going to look like a total idiot going on about it on my blog!  Isn't that great!?    Like...what's so different about that you say?  Don't say it!  I actually prefer to eat healthy - I really do!  Why is it that we sometimes get caught in this rut and start eating fat foods again...a little bacon & eggs, instead of turkey bacon and one egg.....a double helping of meat?  A little more butter on your potatoes than you know you should be having?  Cheesy appetizers?  I better stop....I'm salivating!  Haha!

            We all know what we should and shouldn't be eating right?  I think Weight Watchers just gives you a basis.  I've been on and off Weight Watchers for so long that I can randomly tell you how many points a certain food is when it comes up in conversation, but the reason I keep going back to it is because it works.  It's my fault for gaining back the weight.  It's almost like someone who takes meds for a mental condition....as soon as they feel better, they go off their meds....that's me....as soon as I feel slim enough, I go off my diet.  And really?
If I stayed on it, I'd continue to feel better and better.

        Another aspect of any weight loss program is the exercise portion, of course.  Here's where I have a wee bit of trouble due to chronic back pain from scoliosis and injury, however....don't feel too sorry for me.  We have an indoor swimming pool!  What is up with that?  When I was a kid and we had a 24' round pool outside, the same thing happened (and I didn't need a diet then) where you use the pool like a maniac for a month or two and then....nothing.  It seems everyone I know with a pool is like that and it doesn't matter if it's inside or out!  Currently, I'm unable to use the pool because our skylight shattered - the outside pane only - but the repairman said to put a large tarp under it and wait for the new glass to come in.  Apparently the inside pane could shatter at any moment.   So, that's what we're doing and now I want my pool back!  It's been out of commission for almost two months!  

        Due to the above issue, I'm going to grab my trusty cane tonight and go out for a short walk with my husband and the dogs after dinner.   Baby steps!  You have to start small and build up.   I'm not sure how long I'll last without the pool, because that is the best exercise when you have body ailments because the resistance in the water and the buoyancy help you to do exercises you normally couldn't do on land.  Sometimes it's painful getting out or the next day, but then you know to take it back a notch.  I'll for sure do a blog sometime on the pool water aerobics that I do with my friends.

        Well, my plan is to be svelte when I turn 50 next year and if I can't be shamed into it on this blog....it's never going to happen!  Then I'll have to blog about how I just don't care and everyone should just be who they are! 

        Too funny!

8/29/2011 09:20:26 am

yes, let's do the water aerobics again .... But no pictures for your blog!


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