Katie happens to be my dear friend Maureen's daughter and was playing live at the Free Times Cafe on College Street in Toronto this past Friday night.  I was very interested to see Katie play, as Maureen had loaned me a demo CD of hers which I downloaded to my ipod about a year ago.  Her music, to me, is like alternate folk, which I personally thoroughly enjoy.  She played an Ani Difranco song, which actually embodied her own voice with it's soulful tones, but included her lilting melody.  Although her set wasn't very long and we wanted to hear more, most of the songs were of her very own composition and were quite beautiful.  It's a different combination of the acoustic guitar along with her expressively wistful lyrics that actually can make you feel the anguish she must have been going through when she wrote the songs and composed the music.  Congrats to Katie...Keep up the great work and write some more songs!

          It was a lovely venue in the room at the back of the Free Times Cafe and was worth the trip to see her.  Never mind the excellent Latkes we had for a snack while there.  Delicious!  I normally do not go to concerts of any kind due to the comfort level for my backpain, however am so glad I went and saw Katie play.  Also, I filmed a video of one of the songs she sang, however, am unable to load it up until I can figure out how to cut it down to size and then load it!  I had so badly wanted to share part of her concert with you and I do apologize.

          The great part about going to Toronto is that one of my daughters lives there, on the Beaches, and the three of us were able to drop our stuff off and have a little walk down Queen Street.  I so enjoyed going in and out of wee shops there.  One of the nicest shops was called Chatelet (Shabby Chic & French Country Home Decor).  The whole store is like candy land to me.  I didn't buy a thing, but I truly wanted to buy every other thing in the store.  Great ideas and lovely decor settings. My daughter was away, so we were able to take over her apartment overnight (not that we couldn't do that if she was there!) and cab into Toronto so we didn't have to worry about parking or having a couple glasses of wine while we were out. 

          This one night outing was like a little getaway, because before we came home the next day, we stopped at Kensington Market and met up with Katie and her sweet baby Stella.  Dan & I took off to Global Cheese to get the yummiest olives on the planet - garlic stuffed spiced olives, and some delicious cheese, and let Katie and her Mom catch up, one on one, with each other in a cafe.  Of course, when we go there, we have to buy enough for anyone in the family who loves the olives, so we were fairly loaded up.  If you've never been to Kensington Market, you must go to Global Cheese.  It's fabulous selection of cheese, lactose-free as well, and the efficient, friendly service make it a five-star establishment!

          Here's a funny story...when we went into the Kensington Cafe to meet up with Maureen & Katie, I had to use the facilities and was denied!  Even though I was sitting at the table with them and Dan too, they told me I had to buy something first.  I said to the girl "I'm buying a water on the way out and am sitting at the table with friends right there.", but she said "Sorry....store policy...when you buy the water, you can use the washroom".  Wow!  Even Maureen had to answer to the Washroom Gestapo and she'd been in there awhile and had purchased a beverage!  Although I wanted to go outside and hold up a sign saying "This Establishment is Rude", I do understand they probably get all walks of life in there and some of it not pretty, however, I don't look like a street person who wants to crash in their washrooms!  Yup, I bought some water and used the facilities.  My urge to use the washroom outweighed my indignation, but, I won't be returning there anytime soon.  They must have had some pretty bad experiences to be that rude to tourists? 

          That brings my little gaunt into the big city of Toronto to a close.  When we got home, I was completely exhausted and aching badly!  It was so worth it though to see Katie sing and to get the most delicious olives ever!

          Have a Great Sunday!

8/21/2011 01:28:15 am

You have a new career doing music reviews!

8/21/2011 04:34:49 am

Do you really think so? Hahahaha! I just said what I felt!

8/21/2011 09:34:03 am

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! ha ha. So glad you came out. I love your blog!

8/21/2011 10:10:31 am

You are so welcome Katie! Thank you! :)

Brian Smith
8/22/2011 03:52:14 am

Your review "Katie Doidge Live in Toronto!" was so well done that I'd love to hear Katie's music! Nice job Windy! (NO,that wasn't a typo!)

Global Cheese is a great spot and I buy the garlic stuffed olives there too...now if I could only recall who put me on to that place.....

8/22/2011 05:04:29 am

Thanks Brian! And hahaha about the olives! Silly!


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