That's right!  I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go to this place.  They opened a couple years before we sold our trailer in Southampton and I was so looking forward to exploring it upon my return this past weekend.  I wasn't disappointed!

             The owners of The Cook's Cupboard, Elspeth Macgregor and Glenn Conlan, are so personable and knowledgable about the products in their store and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you'll recall, I wrote about the Paltita Avocado Oil?  This is the store I purchased it in the very first time.

The  Tour!

There is everything in this store!  This side when you walk in has gadgets, specialty cocktail accoutrements, candles, cookbooks, and so much more as you can see.
Can you picture when you were a kid picking out your penny candy!?

That's Glenn Conlan heading into the back room...they were very camera shy! 
The display area here has high end oils, vinegars, pickles, pastas,
sauces, chutneys, crackers, bbq sauces....it's endless and amazing!

There's a huge wall freezer at the rear of the store with I believe four doors on it
and it is filled with The Village Kitchen frozen prepared culinary entrees...
a fabulous idea for all the cottagers who arrive in
Southampton and don't want to cook, but still want
a gourmet meal!

Although I can't decide which section of the Cook's Cupboard I love
most, this back portion consisting of two rooms
is right up there on my faves!  Beautiful le creuset cookware,
dinner settings, linens, small high end cooking appliances, and gorgeous
cutting boards!  (I bought one a few years back for Dan...handmade out of Larch in Canada)

I picked up some coconut oil, which the owners told me was fabulous on popcorn! 
Definitely will be trying that!
Also, some jambalya seasoning and souvlaki seasoning.  I also nabbed
a little something for our grandbaby on the way....but shhhhh...I can't tell you what...cuz it's a secret!
All I'll say is they were made in France! 

It's an all round happy experience when you enter this store and the owners are so sweet, taking time to converse and share parts of their lives with their patrons.

If only they could move their store down the street from me!
Bon Appetit!
10/4/2011 01:29:32 am

10/4/2011 01:32:40 am

I would go nuts in that store!

10/4/2011 04:18:59 am

Oh yes you would darlin'! It's FABO!

10/4/2011 11:48:44 am

what were we thinking? Scrap the nachos, we should have bought one of their gourmet dinners! Next time for sure!

10/7/2011 09:08:50 pm

No kidding! What were we thinking? You'll have to try some soon and let me know how they are!


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