Late in the week before last,
I was perusing blogs in my Google Reader and found
Lovely Indeed.

She made these gorgeous birthday candle holders
out of dollar store animals and
I was hooked!
Lovely Indeed's Blog Photo
So, of course, with our oldest daughter Robynn's 30th Birthday
coming soon (last week),
I absolutely had to make a hippo for her....
because she LOVES hippos!
Robynn's Hippo
The hippo was a hit!
I saw her face light up when she saw it!
(she's a kid at heart!)

These little critters are so simple to make and Chelsea over at Lovely Indeed
gives fabulous instructions HERE on How To!
I made a larger hippo too
(because I wasn't sure how big the cake would be!...proportions and all you know!)
as well as a horse and a stork!
Robynn is pregnant (Yay!), so I'm just getting ready for the celebration!

Here's the rest of the animals I made!  So fun!
You could do just about anything with this idea and some spraypaint!

Isn't this a fun easy craft?
Wish I'd thought of it first!  But, I'm glad Chelsea posted it for all of us!
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10/24/2011 01:04:51 am

You got my wheels turning now Wendy. Love this simple way of personalizing your decorations and without spending much!


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