The chickens have finally come home to roost and we're loving it!
Dan finished off most of the chicken coop and only has a wee bit of chicken
wire to attach at the top of the inside coop, but they are safe and sound.
Would you like a tour of our henhouse and pen?
We placed the dog kennel as the outside barrier in the right side of our vegetable garden
back beside the potting shed.  The dog kennel idea came from Maureen at
It's All Connected as this is what she used as well and it seems to do the trick!
Now, you know I had to start decorating before the coop was even complete!
I've had this chicken for a few years now (in hopes of one day owning chickens!)
and it used to grace the top of our fence around the veggie garden but has now
found a much better home, don't you think?
The girls arrived home on Sunday evening and settled right in by 
having a glorious dirt bath and immediately ridding their area of any greenery
that was left in sight.  This is possibly the only named chicken thus far...Hash (after
Hashbrowns) by Rukmini of Trumatter, who's become a dear cyber friend!
Here's a view of approaching the coop that's built inside the potting shed.
We're you can see there are shavings rather than straw on the floor
and in the nesting's easier to clean up and costs around the same as straw does.  We've also found out that mites and other bug critters are more likely to
infiltrate the straw over the pine shavings.
We used old wooden crates that were taking up valuable space in the garage
to convert over to nesting boxes.  What we're finding though is the hens
are roosting on top of them in the evenings and laying all their eggs in the
lower right red crate and none of the others.  So, we're thinking of moving
all the crates to a lower level around the base of the coop.
Think that will solve their problem?
They are capable of getting into the other boxes...of this we're certain
because there's chicken poop inside all of them every morning!
Dan made this pulley door for the girls and I'm quite proud of him!
Do you see how the pulley is rigged to go up and across the ceiling, then
down to the left of the coop door to be wound around a double hook?
After the chickens wander into their home at night, we close the door from inside
ensuring they won't get stuck trying to come out again.
The Barred Rock hen is my personal far!
She's so easy to hold and touch...not afraid of us at all.
Although during our photo shoot, neither one of us actually
caught a good photo of the chickens eating out of our hand....they did!
Very gently too!
I was a little afraid they would peck me because I am a city girl and had never
even held a chicken in my life until we got ours, let alone sat right inside a pen with them until Maureen got her chickens awhile ago.
Yup....this is me...proudly showing off my chicken poop that rubbed off all over
my tank top when I was picking up the poopy straw!  I debated going
shopping in this shortly after, but nah.....hahahaha!
City girl slowly converting.....
"Hash" was the most hesitant to be in the coop with us while the rest were.....
....actually posing!  This particular Rhode Island Red girl gave me at least
ten fantastic shots of her from all sides, all the while staring at me as if to say,
"Am I not the most gorgeous chicken you've ever seen in your life"
Maybe I'll name her Posy for just this reason.
Yes!  Definitely!  She's the lightest brown hen of the bunch.
They seem to be very happy here and we've been immersing ourselves
in chicken books and magazines...learning soooo much!
Did you know you can tell what colour egg a chicken is going to have from
it's earlobes?  White earlobes mean white eggs and pink earlobes mean brown eggs!
So far, we've exposed our hens to oranges, tomatoes and lettuce and they love all of it.
Dan, who actually wanted to eat the chickens sometime down the road, is now
so fond of them he says he can't possibly eat them!
Yay!  No need for that!  As if I'd let him....I'd probably throw myself
in front of them if he dared.
We're adding two more to our family soon and I'll definitely show you the
new adoptees when they arrive.
We also had a lovely eggs & toast breakfast yesterday with some of our half
dozen the girls have gifted us with already!
Thanks for visiting our chicken coop!

Rukmini Roy
7/4/2012 10:15:31 pm

yay!!! I see Hash. Poor wee hashtag. I think I found and named the right chicken- I always go against the wind, am reluctant to do things people tell me to do, throw tantrums and often like solo time with myself, unbothered. PERFECT! Go hash, lay me some ginormous eggs yeah! Or would you give me a peck? (literally). Thank you Wendy for naming her Hash. I love her.

7/9/2012 09:19:39 pm

Hash is doing well Rukmini! Very happy! I've named another chicken...the black & white one is now called Barrbara! (Get it? Barred Rock Hen...Barrbara?) She's my favourite and always comes right up to me to see what's in my hand! xo

Rukmini Roy
7/10/2012 03:11:12 pm

Totally get it with that extra R. Great pun on that! But I love Hash more. Because she is mine. In my mind, I'm playing with her.

7/4/2012 10:16:17 pm

Yay you got your chickens! Love how you made the coop! Fancy that, being able to tell the colour of the eggs by their earlobes...I just figured it depended on what they ate!

7/9/2012 09:21:25 pm

I know! But, there is a glitch I guess.....Maureen's chickens have blue earlobes....they lay white eggs. Perhaps the closer to to the white shade, then the eggs are white? We're enjoying the chickens sooo much! Thanks for visiting! xo

7/5/2012 12:48:55 am

What beautiful chickens and such fancy digs for them. They must think they have moved to the chicken Hilton!

7/9/2012 09:25:12 pm

Wait til we paint it! I read that the reason you should paint the inside of the coop in white is so that the light reflects inside the coop better and it's brighter for them. We're not done yet! xo

7/5/2012 08:08:10 am

Loving the chickens! So cute and I loved gathering the eggs when I was a child on my aunt and uncles farm...enjoy!!

7/9/2012 09:26:40 pm

You know what Tammi? I'd never held a chicken until now! Dan had worked on a chicken farm when he was young and he also raised pigeons, but not slicker! I love the chickens! xo

Mary Anne
7/5/2012 10:16:48 am

wait til they have corn on the cob! They had more than we did! and watermelon, dandelion greens, grass, bugs, dried mealie worms, apples, cherries, plums! oh my, and bread crusts, have lots of fun, we have 5 and laying beautifully.

7/9/2012 09:29:00 pm

Ooooh! I'll have to get some of those dried mealie worms for them! They love grass, tomatoes, blueberries and oranges so far...not big on the lettuce and celery though! Now, they see me coming and run right for me! It's awesome! Thanks for visiting! xo

7/8/2012 05:15:03 am

What a beautiful flock you have, Wendy! And you taught me something new: I'd never heard of determining egg color by a hen's ear lobes. Very interesting! All of my hens must have brown ears because we only get brown eggs :) Enjoyed the new coop tour!

Take care,
(visiting from The Ironstone Nest's Transformation Tuesday)

7/9/2012 09:43:33 pm

As I said above...not sure that it always works because my friend Maureen's chickens have blue earlobes and lay white eggs! Thanks for popping in to visit! I appreciate it! xo wendy

Heading over to see your blog now....

7/9/2012 02:46:54 am

Loving all your beauties. Loved the name Rukmini came up with, Hash, so darn cute. Great idea from Maureen about the dog cage! Also love the old crates as nesting boxes, so cool. So interesting about the earlobes, love finding out info like that! I bet it was the best egg and toast you and Dan ever had - what a special meal! Love you cuties - so wish I could have a few!

7/9/2012 10:18:19 pm

Thanks Cathy! It was a special meal! We were very excited! Thanks for checking out the coop & hope all is well with you! xo

7/9/2012 11:09:09 am

Oh how fun! I think one day I would love to raise my own chickens. I have a friend that used to have chickens and she told me nothing beats a freshly laid egg... and Iove eggs for breakfast! :D I'm with you on not killing the chickens... I don't think I could ever eat a chicken I raised:P

7/9/2012 10:19:45 pm

You should definitely do it one day! They are so sweet and gentle (well, ours are anyway...I've met not so gentle ones!) And, they better not get eaten at the end or I'll be really upset! NOT HAPPENING! xo

7/12/2012 03:52:29 am

I have always wondered about raising chickens, is it hard?
New follower from the Blog Hop
<a href="">My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog</a>

7/18/2012 11:38:33 pm

I'm a fellow chicken-er. Looks like you've done a good job to me!


10/5/2012 06:57:33 am

ahhhh! I LOVE barred rocks, and yes, they are so tame and easy to handle. Great coop!

2/25/2014 06:36:00 pm

It's great to live in a space like that. Surely it would be paradise for animal lovers.

8/21/2014 12:11:09 pm

I just added your site to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks you very much!

4/6/2021 02:52:43 am

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