Last night we had friends over for Chili, BBQ'd corn on the cob, salad and a campfire.  One of our friends, Lisa, gave me an epiphany about marshmallows.  Not being a s'more person, not loving sweets (unless it's a Lindt chocolate!), I was in awe of her idea.  You roast a marshmallow and you have a half cup of Bailey's in a mug ready to go and yes...I know you dip your roasted marshmallow in the cup of Bailey's and enjoy!  It was absolutely fabulous and I was skeptical, but it was divine!  Try won't be disappointed!

          Okay...onward.  My subject today is "Stuff" and how it relates to one's parents.  My mother is 82yrs old and lives on her own.  Recently, she's been mulling over the idea of moving to a smaller, newer a condo, or bungalow townhouse, or the alternative of staying right where she is in her home.  That's a whole other subject, however, she is getting rid of alot of her "stuff".  I mean, this is years and years of accumulated furniture, knickknacks, kitchen paraphernalia, books, etc, that came from her parents, grandchildren, gifts and so on.  She's taking much of it to Value Village, some to the dump and is trying to get me to take some of the furniture, knickknacks, etc.....and I don't want it.  I'm 49yrs old and I've already filled my house up with stuff and have given away mega stuff to our kids.  I don't need anymore.  My point is, you have this sentimental mindset where you really have a problem letting things that are sentimental go and you want to take all of your parents things they no longer want for many different reasons.  It could be that you always remember that item being a part of your childhood and you just can't bear for it to go to strangers.  That used to be how I thought....because I am very sentimental.  Now though, I look at things very differently.  I feel that "stuff" is just the vessel for your memories.  Your memories are not going to change just because you can look at something or pull it out to show someone.  No one can take away your memories of things.  How often do you speak of something from your childhood that you remember and actually go dig for it to look at it while you are thinking of it?  Never, right?  So, the point is this....let it go....and if you have siblings that want the stuff....let them have it.  Don't worry about it, because you'll always have it in the most efficient memory box that takes up the least amount of space!  Think about this and be happy!

G'day! xo


8/6/2011 11:22:38 pm

Hey Wendy, another idea for the marshmallows and Bailey's is s'mores! Before you slide your gooey marshmallow between the chocolate and the cookie, dunk it in the Bailey's!

8/7/2011 01:33:20 pm

Hey Wendy, I read your blog and you are so right about "stuff". I know that its not looking at the "stuff" that invokes the memories, but some things you keep to make your own memories with, or your kids use it and make their memories. Especially if it was something that was really special to the person that it belonged to, you keep it to "recycle" the memories so to speak. I look forward to reading more of your blogs, thanks for sharing. :)


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