Hi!  Welcome back to "This is Your Life...er...Blog".
Today, I'll "showcase" (see?  getting more assertive already!)
some of the crafts and oh, heck, who knows...I may throw some other bits in too!
This is the part where you go get your coffee k?
I'll wait here.

Accessorize Your Pillow!

Take one pillow & make as many embellishments as you can think of
and change it up for the seasons or occasions!

Candlestick Makeover

From yucky brown blahness to shabby chic.

When Worlds Collide

Imagine the possibilities of psychic phenomena and
a personal experience

Le Chien Etape

Elmo's stepstool to the bed.

1971 Photo Art by Elaine Briere

A Canadian Photographer who portrayed fabulous shots
of a couple of my relatives in BC.

Welcoming Christmas At My Front Porch

All the crafting that went into this final presentation...
something I never thought I'd do.
I'd like to thank
Front Porch Ideas and More
for featuring my front porch back in January!
An Honour!

I'll leave you with that for today!

Hopefully, I'll be able to show you our antique chandeliers in our bedroom soon!
We hung one yesterday...It's sooo beautiful!
Dan says it's strong enough to swing on.....if only huh?!
I know...visual....ignore me.

I'm really thinking hard about a giveaway to celebrate my anniversary tomorrow!
I'll let you know what I come up with!

2/6/2012 10:02:09 pm

My fav is still the pillows! So unique and such a space saver!

2/7/2012 09:22:07 pm

Happy six month anniversary! You've done a lot in such a short time...I love your front porch at Christmas. You have an inspiring blog...keep it up!


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