I’ve decided to try to be a better person… But not right away of course.  Maybe a few days from now.
(Sally to Charlie Brown in a Peanuts cartoon)

Recently, Susan over at My Place to Yours posted a heartfelt blog
regarding this very concept above.
I was touched by her blog and how honest and forthright she was about the things
she wants to change in her life.  It's almost like changing something
intangible from the inside out.
All those thoughts, ideas and gestures that roll around the inside of your mind
should be dealt with because we're not getting any younger and let's face it,
you should want to get up from this computer and away from your crafting area in your home and work on helping others.
"Whoever has the most toys when they die, doesn't win."
It's what you put into your life and relationships around you and how you treat
others that makes you realize happiness is so easy to achieve.

I can't say I don't try to do random acts of kindness, but do I do enough?
and....you must put things on your list that maybe push you out of your limits of comfort, however, it will be so gratifying in the end, won't it?

Having chronic back pain, I'm a little hindered by how much I can achieve for others
however, I do think it's important to do even little things to show you care.

My Sally List isn't going to focus on my personal medical issues, but only because
I spend enough time whining about that stuff!

My Sally List

I'm going to.......

Help out my neighbour who's going for surgery soon, by making
extra meals for her and her husband, so that her husband doesn't have to cook so much,
because he's very busy helping his father get settled
in a nursing home.

I'm going to invite the women I've met in the village over for a
visit, all together, and do a luncheon...
perhaps a Christmas luncheon and maybe start a yearly event!

Inspired by Thrify Decor Chick's "Nine Months Later" posting,
I'm going to work on being debt-free.

I'm going to work harder at aquafitness and diet.

I will finish knitting/crocheting my youngest two daughter's afghans
so all the kids have an afghan made by me, instead of only three of the five!

I'm going to reconnect with old friends that I miss very much.

I'm going to get back into my KIVA experience.
(a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world)

This is my list so far...short term & long term.
Have you got a Sally List you'd like to share?
If so, you should link up, after blogging about it, to My Place To Yours at the end of
"her" posting about this. _
And...you should add her "Sally List" button to your blog sidebar.
If you look at it everyday...it keeps you motivated!

11/16/2011 01:28:38 pm

Looks like I need a sally list. I'll top it off with give up on food, but effective from a zillion years later. :D

11/17/2011 08:00:24 am

Wendy, I'm so glad you've shared your Sally List and linked it up! Your beautiful heart is showing, and I know your family, friends, and neighbors will see your caring spirit. Bless you as you work on your list! Drop by the Sally List post anytime and let us all know what you've been working on and how it's going.

11/17/2011 11:36:44 am

thanks for sharing you Sally list, your loving nature comes across. I really need to work at my list, and you have inspired me to do so. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you!

11/17/2011 04:12:59 pm

Ahhh! Garsh! You're all are making me blush. So glad you're working on a Sally List...it's hard to do in public!


12/23/2011 05:43:45 am

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the meals you prepared AND dropped off for us after my surgery. It really made life much easier.
Thanks, Lynn

12/23/2011 07:32:28 am

You are sooo welcome Lynne...it was very gratifying for me...especially when I'd see you tired and in pain. I'm so happy I could help and I enjoyed it...truly! xo


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