When I was in my twenties, my dad gave me an
ironing board that belonged to his mother.
I had it for years and loved it so!
He took it home a few years before he passed away to refinish it for me
and it's still sitting at my mom's.
(but that's a whole other story...
not a bad one...just a quirky one!)
Today...for the very first time in my whole life of antiquing....
Not only is it a stepstool, but it's also a sitting stool
and an ironing board!
Isn't this so cool?!
I have plans (just like the birdcage....it's coming...don't worry!)
You'll just have to wait and see!
This is definitely going to entail my sewing machine...eek!

While we were in the antique market, "Crossroads" in Brantford,
I also came across something else totally coincidental
to my life!
In 1975...yup, that's right (I was 13!)....my next door neighbour, Mrs. Harris,
gave me these two lovely pictures which I just recently repainted the frames of
and hung on the wall near my vanity table in our bedroom.
I carried these pictures around for the last 36 years!

Today, I found this following picture with the exact same
picture frames as my originals!
How great is that!?
This one is double the width of the other two originals
and thank god I used 3M tape to hang those other two because I'm
going to have to rearrange the pictures above the shelf!

I also hit paydirt when I found 11 doilies for $7.50...half price!
Doilies are indispensable when you are trying to
make your bedroom into a French Country look!
So, that was the end of my day....a nice end!
I spent the whole day running errands, taking my mom to the doctors,
all those things that you absolutely must do!
And, at the end, on our way home, I said to Dan...
"Let's go to Crossroads, cuz I'm feeling like there's something there waiting for me".
And....I was RIGHT!!!
10/11/2011 05:07:52 pm

That's totally amazing you found the same ironing board. It's really an amazing space saving idea. Keep us posted on what you are doing with it!


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