If you aren't living under a rock...and if you are trying to diet
like Dan & I are....you've probably heard the guff (what an awesome 70s word!)
going around about Cauliflower Chips and Kale Chips.

I actually just heard about the Cauliflower chips from my friend Maureen
(who I'm sure will blog about them soon...right Maureen?)
over at It's All Connected, but I recently attempted to make both of these on
a lazy afternoon when Dan & I were kicking back watching "The Wire" Season One.

Experiment #1
Kale Chips

Very simple to do!  I got my recipe from Allrecipes.com and it was informative
and most of all...an absolutely delicious alternative to potato chips!

Wash your kale
Cut out the center stem
Tear into bite size chunks
Spin in salad spinner to dry
Toss in a bowl with drizzled olive oil.
Line a cookie sheet with Parchment Paper.
Sprinkle sea salt lightly over kale
Bake in a 350F oven for 10-12 minutes til crispy.
Seriously...these were so much more tasty than I dreamed they'd be and both Dan & I
loved the wondrous flavour and crispy, light texture of them.
Only problem I can see is that next time, we'll need to make two batches, because it
truly does shrink up soooo much!

Experiment #2
Cauliflower Chips

This was a flub for me.
However, upon rereading my source, which I'll get to shortly,  I'm embarassed I
couldn't make them as wonderfully as they looked on her blog!
I believe I made the mistake of not leaving them in long enough.
I was worried they'd burn.

So, don't worry and TRY THEM!
Delightful Momma made these and they look mouthwatering!
The taste of mine was good, just not as crispy as I'd like to have them because
in my fear of them burning the poppers,  I turned the oven down and took them out
15 minutes earlier than I should have.
I see now her posting reads "the browner the better".
Next time I'll try to hold myself back from my fears!
I'm definitely going to try to make these again!
with NO FEAR!
Give these healthy snacks and try and let me know what you think okay?
It's the weekend and time to snack!
4/21/2012 06:47:50 am

I have not tried Cauliflower chips.I will though.I have however tried Kale chips.Those are really good.My daughter who is picky loves them too.

4/22/2012 12:39:34 am

We liked them so much that we've ordered two different types of organic kale seeds to grow our own...talk about awesome not having to go to the store for chips! xo wendy

4/21/2012 02:30:43 pm

Hi Wendy! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the sweet comment on my French Toast bake. Thanks too, for letting me know about the feature at Mrs Hines'. I'll have to pop over to her blog to say thanks and check it out!

I've been wanting to try the Kale chips. My blog buddy Sue made them a couple of months ago and now she's addicted. I had some left over from the Colcannon I made for St Pat's, but I waited too long and it got really limp. I've never tried the cauliflower either, but I wonder if it would work better sliced very thin and baked instead of left in florets?? I could be totally off base, but ya never know... LOL

I'm now following you through Linky and on Pinterest. Looking forward to getting to know you better! Have an awesome rest of the weekend! ~Mary

4/22/2012 12:42:36 am

Hi Mary! I'm so glad you came over to visit! Definitely try the chips...you'll be hooked and I will try your suggestion to slice the cauliflower thinly. I also saw another recipe for the chips where they just used the stalk and sliced it very thinly...might try that too! Thanks for following and I'll go check out your pinterest too! xo

4/22/2012 09:34:29 am

Wendy these look awesome. I think I will give the cauliflower a try soon!

4/25/2012 02:06:14 pm

These look fantastic. Wendy, you can also make wafers out of raw banana. They are very healthy too and also yam. I'll give you the recipes :) In our cuisine, this cauliflower chips or "Fulkopi'r bora" as we call it is very common. It's yum with even pulses and rice.


Only trouble I can notice is actually which the next occasion, we'll have to help to make a couple of batches, because doing so genuinely does reduce upward soooo considerably!

9/28/2013 09:04:09 pm

Seriously...these were so plenty extra delectable than I dreamed they'd be furthermore both Dan & I loved the wondrous flavour besides crispy, lamp surface of them. Entirely hitch I can detect is that proximate interval, we'll demand to form couple batches, therefore it indeed does decrease up soooo plenty!


The flair of explosive was estimable, proper negative as crispy as I'd uniform to get them therefore in my panic of them intense the poppers, I turned the baker sad further took them external 15 detaileds previously than I should experience.

10/31/2013 02:36:17 pm

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