Oh yah!  I've never dropped a cellphone in any water, always been careful at the beach in the past and so careful with carrying them in my purse, but, what do I do!  And, this was on the heels of my horribly Spaz-tic day...actually the very next day (Spaz holdover...).  I dropped my iphone4 into my green tea!

            It was only half full, but really, the top end went in first and like any genuine moron....I took it out, dried it off quickly and tried to turn it on!  Big NONO!  Then I checked out YouTube for "what to do when your iphone gets wet?" and learned that the very worst thing I could have done was to attempt to turn it on!  Don't do that if you ever get your phone wet and you may be able to save it without shorting out the circuits! 

            I thought, well....I'll just follow along the steps anyway, just in case there's hope.  So, first I blowdryed it for about 15 minutes and then I got a big ziploc bag full of rice and plunged the top end into it to leave for 48hrs.  Apparently, the rice will draw the water out?  After 48hrs, I tried to turn it on and it just made a vibrating noise and had a black screen.  That's when I thought "hmmm...bet it needs the battery charged?"  I plugged it in and it made all kinds of strange noises and had lines on the screen, etc., but, I'm sorry to say...my iphone is toast.

            Luckily, I purchased the extended warranty and it's only going to cost me $150.00 to replace my phone (isn't that what I paid the first time?)  instead of the full price of the iphone. 

            Unfortunately, the camera on the iphone was so great I was using it to do my blog, and now....I spent several hours yesterday playing with my old Canon PowerShot A620 and reading up on how to use it again.  There's a reason for everything!  I've learned things my old camera could do that I really didn't realize and am going to attempt to finesse my skills over the next little while...but only until I can pick up a newer SLR camera!    Not in the budget right now so I'll survive with my new/old camera! 

            I'm hoping that by spreading the word about what a "Spaz" I was.....we can prevent an overpopulation of "Spazes" worldwide.  Please pass on the "What not to do when your iphone gets wet" story!

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