Hi Everybody!  Sorry...just got my internet worked out again.  Rural Living...you've gotta love it! 

     The last few days have been comprised of having old friends drop in...you know the ones?  You don't see them for ages and ages, but you talk to them intermittently throughout the year on e-mails or occasionally on the telephone, constantly saying to each other "We've really got to get together soon!" and it seems like you never can seem to make that work.  I've always found that the spontaneous, last minute invites work best all round.  It's so great when they come over and you hug and get your rhythm of your friendship working again in conversation.  Having an old friend is like having a comfortable, old pair of slippers....as soon as you put your feet in them, they feel right and you feel happy to have them on your feet!  As soon as you get your rhythm, it feels great and you always end up laughing and having a great time with your friends.  The thing about old friends is that they aren't ex-friends. 

     They're the people you think about in your daily life and tell stories to others about funny situations that happened with the friends and you wonder when you'll be sharing more experiences with them again, but then you continue onto another thought completely irrelevant to that first thought and calling them goes right out of your head.  You know, life gets in the way.  We find that ourselves.  By the time you've done your daily ministrations, chores, meals, errands and such, alot of times, all you want to do is fall into bed and forget about that phone call to share some time with your friend, but don't worry, old friends understand because it's not that they don't want to see you, it's that they are very busy as well and having those same thoughts.  Ever been thinking about an old friend and then the phone rings and it's them?  That's creepy in a Twilight Zone kind of way.

     These are also the people that you know you could call in the middle of the night and they'd be there for you and vice versa.  Isn't that a nice feeling?  That's called unconditional friendship and it's worth it's weight in gold! 

     Well, I was just feeling all warm and cozy inside after the last few days and thought I'd share the reason for it.  Is there someone you should be calling?  hahahaha!

     Have a GREAT day today!
Brian Smith
8/14/2011 05:24:23 am

Timely words my old friend....okay, old friend as in a long friendship not a friend who is old!!! LOL
I was just thinking about you and Sparky...(cue the Twilight Zone music)

8/14/2011 06:53:05 am

It's been way too long Brian! We miss yah! xo

8/14/2011 11:59:58 am

thanks Wendy for kickstarting my old friends week! We had a great visit with you and Dan on Thursday night, as always! You are so right, it's wonderful to get together with old friends .... The best kind, the ones that like you exactly as you are! Just total acceptance and lots of laughter and sharing ... This time we shared aps as in apple not "happytizers". Saturday night was with high school friends, today, a friend from my teen summers in Port Elgin and Tuesday, another high school friend. Love the catching up! See you sooner!

8/14/2011 09:43:36 pm

Thanks Nancy for kickstarting my "Old Friends" blog! xo


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