Everyday I read yet another post where the blogger
writing it is having issues about actually sitting down and putting
their thoughts on paper.

Here's mine.....
It's summertime.
That's right!  How, oh how, can I sit and write a blog when I have to (as we speak)
go out and water the gardens and the new lawn that's getting rather crispy and
needs tons of TLC?  Who will pick the weeds and the vegetables if I don't?
Who will take the dead heads off the plants finished blooming?

Who will feed and clean out the chickens?
Do the laundry? Organize the chaos we call home in summertime?
I'm heading up to a friend's trailer today in Southampton for a lovely
weekend and am trying to wrap my head around my resolve to post
at least twice a week when I come back.

I know so many of my blogging friends are feeling exactly the same way
and it's frustrating when you see some people posting daily and you
think...How do they do that?!!

How can I post in my downtime, when all I want to do is take pretty
photos of the sky and the water and the gardens, but not
doctor them up in PicMonkey right now...maybe later?
Okay...just one awesome photo!
One morning this past week I was awake at 4:30am and this is how the sky looked!
Don't forget about me....I'll be back!
7/12/2012 10:10:08 am

I feel the same way....I am too summer crazy to post these days....come Fall and Winter we can get back on the wagon! Hope you enjoy your weekend getaway!

7/13/2012 03:46:01 pm

It's a juggling act for sure when the yard work and summer entertaining kicks in!

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