It was definitely "One of Those Days"!  You know...the day where you wake up knowing you have to get your crap together and call the phone company because your new server for your home phone isn't working out well at all? And, you have to phone the old server for your phone and arrange to have the landline reactivated?  Then you find out you have to buy a new Sim Card for your internet hub because the phone number they gave you for your home phone is attached to that hub as well and you're going to lose your internet if you don't when it switches over!  You're on the phone for literally hours...2-1/2 hours dealing with transfers, automated systems and people who can't seem to understand what the problem is.  Can you imagine working for the phone company complaints department?  I put off these administrative required phone calls for a week or two...dreading the time I'm going to spend "dealing" with the issues and then....suck it up and call.  Did I mention I live in the country and we're in a blind spot apparently where it's hard to get an internet connection in the first place?  I have neighbours who are still on dial-up! 

          Then you have about  three other calls for home maintenance to make, pay a few bills online and by the time you are done, it's 3:30 in the afternoon!  Seriously?!  I didn't even take out anything for dinner during all that!  But wait, super woman grabs a pound of lean ground beef, some penne, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce, grated cheese, mushrooms, onions, garlic, bacon and whips up a beautiful, delicious baked casserole!  The absolutely only good part of my day....well that and waking up to see another day I guess....

          The funny part about this odd day is I  visit my neighbour friend after dinner and she's had a horrible day and tells me about two others having a traumatic day and my husband had a bad day too!  He thought he had the boat motor fixed after working on it for the past 2-3 weeks and it is not and it must be taken into the shop to be fixed!  Our daughter's dog had a seizure this morning and she called upset.  It's like the earth is off-kilter the draw of that almost full moon out there affecting our day?  If the sun's UV rays are 3x stronger, is the moon's magnetic pull getting stronger too?  Maybe we should check our chests for hair?  I feel a howl coming on!  Or perhaps it's just simple biorhythms and we all just happen to be off today?

          But, the good news is tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day....because I can't have two days in a row like today, can I?

Goodnight Bad Day....zzzz

8/8/2011 12:21:35 pm

poor Wendy, what a miserable amount of phone calls! You should invest in a cordless headset for your landline and then you can putter while you are on hold, you know your call is important to those beaurocratic monstrosities! I hope tomorrow is wonderful! Time to blog on your favorite book!

8/8/2011 09:53:12 pm

Oh god...that would feel too much like being back in 911! Hahahahaha! And, thanks...I will try to blog on a book today! xo


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