Last night, Maureen was over and I made her our latest discovery....
Popcorn made with Maison Orphee Organic Coconut Oil!
The reason this popcorn is so darned great with the Coconut Oil,
is because you pop it in the oil....
I use the stovetop method for popping - the same one I grew up using....
but with this oil, NO BUTTER IS REQUIRED!
It is soooo delicious, you just need to sprinkle some salt on and it
has this wondrous buttery flavour with only a hint of coconut to it.
In fact, if you didn't tell someone what the flavour was, they probably would be hard-pressed
to figure out what that budding flavour on their tongue was!
You can buy this "Maison Orphee"
cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil at a Health Food store or a kitchen store as I did.
I got mine at The Cook's Cupboard in Southampton that I blogged about earlier this month.

While I was there speaking with the owner, she told me
that women actually do need butter and oils like coconut oil because it enables us to process
vitamins and minerals in our bodies better!

I'm all for helping my body function better!
Get the popcorn out!  Yay!
Elspeth Macgregor
10/30/2011 01:11:37 am

Thanks for the mention, Wendy. Love your blog!!!



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